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Posted by Merley72 - Nov 2 ’15 at 07:47

Hi there,

I'm just wondering if there is an easy way of updating all the title values associated with fields from the SharePoint list.  I have a system which has 9 different stages (each of which uses a separate User-defined rule group) and there are about 100 fields in the system.  Probably 50% of which have a field title (from the SharePoint list) which is different from the field name which needs to be displayed.  An example would DocStatus which needs to be displayed as Document Status.

I'm really only using the Display and Edit versions of the documents in the later stages however it is a real pain having to go through each Read/Edit version of all 9 levels and then to change the approximate 50 fields - not a task I'm looking forward to!

Is there something I'm missing here as an easy way of updating these please?

I'd very much appreciate any help people can give.

Thanks in advance - Alan C.


  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Nov 2 ’15 at 09:01


    Try this way:


    1. Place your fields on the form.

    2. Export the form layout (Export button at the top)

    3. Edit the file with any text editor that has a replace all feature

    4. Now, using your example, replace Title="DocStatus" by Title="Document Status"

    5. Repeat for all fields

    6. Maybe, if you have a high occurance rate of same fields appearing in multiple forms, it'd help to place all forms' layouts in one file first, marking which form is which, replacing what you need to replace, and then separating them out in multiple form files again.

    7. Once your get your edited form file(s), reimport it (them) back in again.

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