Set a rich text field on load


Posted by Sebastian Haugland - Sep 23 ’15 at 12:38


I think you have replied to this before but I cant find it...

I have a rich text field called "Description" and want to add a new line with the date automatically when the user hits a button - so that he can add text to the field fafter the date. As far as I remember you can't do this and a workaround was to add the line on load / before the form becomes visible.

How do you do that? either from a button or from "form load"

  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Sep 23 ’15 at 05:02

    Just add the following code to the onclick handler for the button in Forms Designer:

      .find('body').html('<p>your date value goes here</p>');
  • Sebastian Haugland
    Sebastian Haugland
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    #2 by Sebastian Haugland Sep 23 ’15 at 05:09

    Thanks smile don't know why I thought I had to write before form load...

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