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Posted by cdcbolton - Dec 6 ’16 at 07:39

I've seen a similar post but I don't think it answered my particular question: I've got a form with a related items control which allows editing (not in place this is a SharePoint 2010 version) so I've provided an 'Edit (link to edit)' column in the view which the user clicks to edit a related item in a popup mode. On saving the edit and returning to the main form I'd like to either 1) cause an immediate refresh of the related items data or worse case 2) provide a 'refresh' button on the parent form to reload the related items data. Not sure if 'Refresh' property in the related items control (Asynchronous/Synchronous) can achieve this somehow? I think a similar 'refresh' would be needed on the parent form whenever the user adds new items to the related items list also.


Many Thanks

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