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Posted by JustinTim - Nov 17 ’12 at 12:01

Hi, I'm looking for some information about support of your product, but I didn't find it here at I tested your trial version and it looks good enough to buy. But work with intranet portal which contains business critical information. I need to be sure that I’ll get fast response for support if it will be needed. Do you have any special offer for such cases, or you distribute your product as is?

  • Anthony (Support)
    Anthony (Support)
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    #1 by Anthony (Support) Nov 18 ’12 at 02:12

    Hi, JustinTim.

    Currently you have two options:

      support on forum for free. contact us by filling this form: If you have critical issue with our core functionality we will surely help you. if you wish, you can contact us through the form mentioned above and ask us for extra paid support, for example adding some specific functionality especially for you, or creating complex forms.

    Soon we'll release our paid support options, you will see details on this site and forum.

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