Display form fields based on a selection in a dropdown box


Posted by ninkasi - Jun 29 ’13 at 03:50

Hello again,

Now that I started using Spforms, i'm a kind of addicted and so are my bosses ! So I have to create a new application which is basically a simplified helpdesk.


What I'm trying to do is :


When the end user create a new element, he's only got a dropdown box in the form where he can select a type of issue, then, the  forms shows only the fields that are related to the selected issue.

First I try to use jQuery to show/hide CSS class Id, but i think I can't change an ID in spforms.


Does anyone ever had those kind of needs and find any solutions ?



  • Dmitry
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    #1 by Dmitry Jun 30 ’13 at 02:29


    I can recommend you to use multiple content types for your issues. First, you have to enable content type management for your list:

    List Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Allow management of content types

    Next, create separate content type for each type of issue: Site Settings -> Site Content Types. Use Issue as parent content type.

    Add created content types to your list.

    Now, you can design completely different forms for your content types with Forms Designer. You can choose content type in the right top corner of the designer and define form for it. If you wish to give users an ability to change type of issue just insert Content Type field into your form.

  • jonemartin
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    #2 by jonemartin Apr 3 ’23 at 12:27

    When an end user creates a new element, the form's single dropdown box allows him to choose the category of issue to be associated to, after which just those fields are displayed.


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  • jerry
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    #3 by jerry Apr 3 ’23 at 01:31

    The form's single dropdown box lets the end user select the category of issue to be linked with when creating a new element, and only those fields are then displayed.


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