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Posted by Sebastian Haugland - Mar 25 ’15 at 07:11

How can I get the name of the person in the Assigned To field? (people picker)?

I thought could just get it like this fd.field('AssignedTo').value()

But don't get any value, so I tried the script below - but its only showing the domain\userloginnumber - I need the full name. Can I change the .AccountName to something else like .Display Name etc?

(tried a lot of diferent ....)

My working script on a button click:

var hh = fd.field('AssignedTo').value().dictionaryEntries[0].AccountName;

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Mar 26 ’15 at 03:23

    Please, use the following code to get the display name of the selected user:


  • Sebastian Haugland
    Sebastian Haugland
    Member for: 7 years 3 months 2 days
    #2 by Sebastian Haugland Mar 26 ’15 at 03:30

    Thanks! , with bit truncation I now have the missing part for my dynamic hyperlink so the user can all his tasks other taks. Again thanks a lot! smile

  • marcwenger
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    #3 by marcwenger Feb 17 ’16 at 07:06

    Hello, what if I wanted to get the username instead of the display name?



  • rostislav
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    #4 by rostislav Feb 18 ’16 at 06:09



    Check this page for a reference on how to set/get various values from various fields:

    If you have a multi-value people picker field, for example, you'd do this:

    var logins = '';
      function() {
        logins += this.AccountName + '; ';
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