Auto Populated Form lookup Field


Posted by Sam - Feb 26 ’14 at 12:20


I have two related List, Issue and Task.

The Issue List is an auto increament ID when a new record is created while the Task List have a lookup field for the Issue ID.


I would like to automatically fill up the Task list lookup field (Issue ID) with it's parent ID (Issue List) when any task is created via New Task Button that open up the new form item in Task List.

Can I do this with FormDesigner? I would like to use the Javascript in FormDesigner.



Issue List

ID: 10

Text: Save problem


Task List

IssueID: Lookup Field to pick the Issue ID from the Issue List


***I want to auto populated the Task List IssueID field with the related Issue List ID when I click on the link button to create new task.


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