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Posted by Phoenix - May 26 ’15 at 02:40

Hi there


I'm having a form to edit a project and its current status. To show the status of 5 different key values we user traffic lights. This works fine with the new and edit form. But not with the display form. I've read that on the display form I cannot use the value of a field and then display a certain image depending on the field value? I should use groups? Well i have 4 different traffic lights of 5 different key values...this would result in 120 different groups, not including the permissions..... is there really no other possibility?

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov May 26 ’15 at 03:30


    You can get text representation of a field value on a display form by using the code below:

    var value = fd.field('FieldName').control()._el().text();
  • Phoenix
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    #2 by Phoenix May 26 ’15 at 04:32

    Thanks God ;-) this worked... i was afraid i had to use groups...

  • kane433
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    #3 by kane433 Jan 9 ’23 at 05:34

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