Taxonomy field to filter related items


Posted by satyrical - Dec 1 ’15 at 06:06

I have been working on a form that includes a number of taxonomy fields and a related item control.

The related item control is connected to a wiki page library that has an additional taxonomy field.

The intention is to have a 'category field' on the form which when edited, filters the related items that have that same 'category tag' to show a select set of relevent wiki page links.

With some help from Dmitry I managed to retrieve the values from the taxonomy field and could use window.location.hash to apply the filter to the related items control.

The problem I ran into was that with internet explorer, I could not return the focus properly to the taxonomy field.   To work around this  I came up with a solution that involves not calling window.location.hash until we know that the taxonomy field has a valid term.

I thought I would share it here in case it is useful for anyone else...


window.CategorySetHash = function (force) {

// Get container to use for taxonomy control object

var container = fd.field('KGITIssueCategory').control()._el().find('.ms-taxonomy').get(0);

// Get editable div that is part of taxonomy control

var editable = fd.field('KGITIssueCategory').control()._el().find('.ms-taxonomy-writeableregion').get(0);

// Set up a variable to hold the active document element

var currentID =;

// If we can get an active document element then use it for current ID

if ($(document.activeElement).get(0)){currentID = $(document.activeElement).get(0).id;}

// Check if the active element is the field we want or force = true (which should mean page is loading)

if (currentID == || force == true){

// Create a taxonomy control object from our container element

var taxCtlObj = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ControlObject(container);

var termValue = taxCtlObj.getRawText();

var n = termValue.indexOf('|');

var termGuid = termValue.substring(n + 1);

var termName = termValue.substring(0, n);

// console.log("termname= " + termName + " termguid= " + termGuid);

if (termName == "(None)") {

termName = "";


// Checking if we have a valid GUID which means the term has been resolved

if ((termGuid !== "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" && termGuid !== "") || force == true){

termName =  encodeURIComponent(escape(termName)).replace(/\-/g, "%252D");

// Set the URL’s hash value to filter our related items control

window.location.hash = "InplviewHash" + $(".related-wiki [webpartid]").attr("webpartid") + '=-FilterField=KGITIssueCategory-FilterValue=' + termName;

// Try to return focus to our field.  Mileage may vary.  Works in Chrome for me but not in IE.








// Attach an on-change handler that will call the filtering function wherever the value of the field changes

var container = fd.field('KGITIssueCategory').control()._el().find('.ms-taxonomy').get(0);

container.JavascriptOnValidation = "CategorySetHash()";