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Posted by bburke - May 27 ’13 at 02:33

At least for me, If the user returns to the form after exiting, they return to the last tab they were on.

Example: If they last used tab 4 and close the form, when they return they are on tab 4.

This appears to remain during the browser session, if I close and restart browser and  open the form, they are on tab 1.

Is it possible to return user to tab 1 each time they visit the form?

(not sure if it matters but I am using jquery-ui theming)

  • Dmitry
    Member for: 10 years 2 months
    #1 by Dmitry May 28 ’13 at 04:27

    Yes, just put the following js-code into js-editor:

    $('#fd_tabcontrol-0').tabs('option', 'active', 0);

    Now the first tab will be opened each time user opens the form.

  • bburke
    Member for: 9 years 2 months 17 days
    #2 by bburke May 28 ’13 at 05:56

    Thanks, works great.

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