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Posted by Justin Peszleny - Mar 25 ’14 at 03:17


I created a form with Forms Designer that contains a related items view. I created the example below to describe the error.

  1. The main form is called "Account".
  2. I have a secondary form called "Transactions" which has a lookup field to the Account form.
  3. I create a new item in the Transactions form.
  4. In the Transactions form I have a workflow that updates the Account form. It sets the "Status" field to something when I add a new Transaction item.
  5. However, once the Transactions form closes and I hit save on the Account form SharePoint throws a “Save Conflict” error.

I have searched quite a bit and have not found an answer to this error. It is a fairly self-explanatory error.

I even tried using the client object model to do the update instead of the workflow on the Transaction form. The same error occurs though.


Has anyone encountered this before or have a solution to the problem?


Here is a screenshot of the example ...


Here is a screenshot of the error description ...



  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Mar 27 ’14 at 04:01

    Hello Justin,

    Yes, it is a known problem and it does not relate to Forms Designer. Actually, you get this error if you opened SharePoint item for editing and this item had been updated before you saved it. So, I recommend you to reengineer your process: try to start a workflow when Account items is updated.

  • eedoh
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    #2 by eedoh Jun 12 ’14 at 07:44



    I have the same issue, but in my case I don't think it's possible to reengineer the process. Our client is very particular about the way they want to use the application. One of their requirements for some forms we are developing for them is to leave form open after saving the data. Problem is, some of these forms trigger quite a few relatively large Sharepoint Workflows. Those workflows change some of the data on the list item, so next time they try to submit the form, they get the error message from above.

    Worst part is, these forms are ones they use the most, and they are the largest.

    Is there anything that can be done? Ajax-ing the form, allowing unsafe updates (I don't know if this is even possible through JSLink files), etc.??


  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
    Member for: 9 years 8 months 7 days
    #3 by Dmitry Kozlov Jun 13 ’14 at 04:58

    [#2]: Hello,

    You can disable the form via JavaScript and ask users to wait until the workflow finishes. As soon as the workflow makes all the required modifications, it will turn a special 'flag' field into True. Your JavaScript code in the form will be executed periodically to check the 'flag' field via REST or CSOM and will refresh the form page as soon as workflow finishes to allow users to continue editing the current item. Does it make sense?

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