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Posted by schuess - Jun 12 ’14 at 08:50

What is the proper syntax if I want to use openForm(filename, queryParams) and pass an ID as a query param?


fd.openForm('fd_meetingMinutes_DisplayForm.aspx', ID:9);

fd.openForm('fd_meetingMinutes_DisplayForm.aspx', 9);

With ID as variable: fd.openForm('fd_meetingMinutes_DisplayForm.aspx', ID: myID);


What components are necessary to open a DisplayForm from a different list? and what would the syntax look like?


*Note: the two forms are in different lists!

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    You’re opening a form of another list, so you have to reset List parameter:

    fd.openForm('/sites/mgh/Lists/MeetingMinutes/fd_meetingMinutes_DisplayForm.aspx', {ID:myID, List : ''} );


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