Open an InfoPath form on Button Click


Posted by pselman - Nov 5 ’15 at 07:06



I'm wanting to open up a particular Info Path form from a button within a form. Can you advise if this is possible and if so how?





  • dap53
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    #1 by dap53 Nov 6 ’15 at 10:48

    Instead of using button you can simply add Hyperlink with in the form as we use it for word file. But the link must be of browser based form. Cient based forms will not work.


  • rostislav
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    #2 by rostislav Nov 9 ’15 at 05:26


    Add a button and add to it the following code (inside the OnClick editor of the button):




    subsituting the URL as appropriate.

  • MFatima
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    #3 by MFatima Feb 23 ’16 at 02:23


    I have successfully added a button that opens my link. How can i achieve that it opens the link a new window?



  • rostislav
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    #4 by rostislav Feb 24 ’16 at 05:40


    You can use this:"/Lists/list/fd_Item_EditForm.aspx?ID=2"); 

    However, whether the page is opened in a new window or tab is up to the user's browser settings. Also, the popup may get blocked by the browser.

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    #5 by Goldyy6 Mar 27 ’23 at 06:40

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