How to customize Tab Control


Posted by Gregory Murillo - Sep 1 ’15 at 05:13



I need to customize de look and feel for the tab control. I have been able to change font color for the active tab, but I still need to change colors for the inactive tab, Active Tab Header should be white with red font. Inactive Tab Header must be Red with white font.




  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Sep 2 ’15 at 04:06

    Please, check our blog post about form styling:

  • peter0900
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    #2 by peter0900 Nov 9 ’22 at 06:47

    Right-click the tab to bring the text into edit mode after selecting the text of the Tab that needs to be changed.


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  • jamesjoness
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    #3 by jamesjoness May 30 ’23 at 05:44

    Navigate to SharePoint page where you want to customize the tab control. Click on edit page to enter editing mode.

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