GetUrlKeyValue('ID') returns undefined


Posted by Karlostavitch - Dec 19 ’16 at 02:21

I am setting up a new form set with its own related items view. Now I am trying to prepopulate the parent item field in the quick edit spreadsheet and it is not working, even using exactly the same code as what is working on other forms.

I am trying to assign it by

fd.populateFieldsInGrid($('.related-Works'), {

parentItem: GetUrlKeyValue('ID'),



but when I try console.log(GetUrlKeyValue('ID')); in the developer tools console, it is returning undefined.


  • Karlostavitch
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    #1 by Karlostavitch Dec 19 ’16 at 04:57

    OK, it would appear that its case sensitive to the ID string in the URL. all sorted, thanks anyway.

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