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Posted by Dan - Apr 28 ’15 at 05:49

Hello. I started designing a New Item form before we purchased Forms Designer. Due to time, our customer wants to launch with the original SharePoint New Item form I customized.

However, I wanted to utilize Forms Designer for the Edit Form page. Now clicking New Item on the list goes to a Forms Designer new item page. Even my original New Item Form redirects to it. When I tried clicking reset, it now redirects to fd_controller_PAFMerit_New.aspx, (PAFMerit is the content type) which is not my modified NewForm.aspx.

Is it possible to revert back to the original SharePoint New Item form?

  • Dan
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    #1 by Dan Apr 28 ’15 at 06:16

    Sorry, a bit too hasty. However, for anyone else who has the same issue:

    gave me what I needed. I needed to set the content type's default form back to my NewForm.aspx.

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