Get task outcome buttons to show


Posted by Rico Man - Nov 14 ’16 at 02:46

"How do you get task outcome buttons to show after modifying it will forms designer ? There is only a drop down list  after , the actual Approve / Reject button is not there "

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Nov 15 ’16 at 01:52
  • Rico Man
    Rico Man
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    #2 by Rico Man Nov 15 ’16 at 06:05

    Thanks Dmitry, It worked.

  • peter0900
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    #3 by peter0900 Mar 30 ’23 at 11:38

    There is no selection button when I use this new unique content type in my workflow task. There are just two buttons there.

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  • jamesjoness
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    #4 by jamesjoness May 24 ’23 at 01:52

    If the outcome buttons are not displaying as expected, check the view settings of your task list to ensure the column is included in the view and visible to users.

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  • Maria Smith
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    #5 by Maria Smith May 25 ’23 at 06:46

    To ensure that task outcome buttons appear after modifying a form designer in an SEO service, you typically need to follow these steps:

    1. Access the form designer: Log in to the backend or administration panel of your SEO service. Locate the form designer tool or module where you can make modifications to the form.
    2. Edit the form: Use the form designer to make the desired modifications to the form. This could involve changing the layout, adding or removing fields, or adjusting the design elements.
    3. Configure task outcome buttons: Within the form designer, there should be an option to configure the task outcome buttons. These buttons are typically used to submit the form or perform specific actions based on user input. You may find settings related to button visibility, placement, or functionality.
    4. Enable task outcome buttons: Ensure that the task outcome buttons are enabled and set to display on the form. This option might be found within the form designer settings or in a separate configuration section.
    5. Save and publish changes: After making the modifications and configuring the task outcome buttons, save your changes and publish the updated form. This step ensures that the modified form with the task outcome buttons becomes live and visible to users.
    6. Test the form: It's crucial to test the form after making the modifications. Fill out the form as a user would and check if the task outcome buttons appear as intended. Verify that the buttons function correctly and perform the desired actions.

    By following these steps, you should be able to modify a form designer in an SEO service and ensure that the task outcome buttons show up after the changes are made. Keep in mind that the specific process may vary depending on the SEO service platform or software you are using, so it's recommended to consult the platform's documentation or support resources for more detailed instructions.

  • seoexpert
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    #6 by seoexpert Sep 17 ’23 at 10:10

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