Saveing of formular doesnt work, Errorlessly


Posted by Raoul - Feb 1 ’17 at 11:07

We have a problem with users trying to save or edit forms.

We noticed this problem by our new project were I made this huge form with 4 groups where only our site owners can save or edit, all other users can view and open edit he save button just "reloads the page".

So far we reimported the forms, checked languages, rights on the independent lists* and users. Also have an test user with a new group with full access to all lists even those that have list right configuration instead of the default site configuration.

The form itself doesnt really have anything special. The form auto sets the user data into the form (name and department), assigns a department that in turn auto fills the teamleader with name and phone number.

Other than that we just have a tabindex that has the individual departments and a tab for the attachments + a lookup field.

We just did a test with a form which only serves as a style change and has no javascript or other custom development build into it. Where I and my line-manager have the same user rights however I can save or edit and he can't useing the exact same version of IE. The form was build by a 3th co-worker that also had identical settings (browser, rights).

The weird thing is I would have expected an error message of some sorts but we dont get one on the site or in the server logs.

Is there anything that we are missing? because this feels like a bug instead of something we did.

*: all lists we use are plain sharepoint lists

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Feb 2 ’17 at 05:32

    To make sure that it's not a browser or some of its add-ins issue, ask your line-manager to save the form from your PC or another browser. If he still cannot save the form, expand the browser console (F12) and check if there're any errors or notifications.

  • Raoul
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    #2 by Raoul Feb 6 ’17 at 11:14

    Found the Error. We missed one of the user groups we made didnt have the checkbox to public view.#

    Isnt it possible to add atleast a general error?

  • briantim
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    #3 by briantim Sep 8 ’21 at 04:14


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    #4 by briantim Sep 8 ’21 at 04:15
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