DropDown for single choice has no function to delete a choice made


Posted by Dennis - Aug 11 ’14 at 06:12

Hi Dmitry,

as far as i can see there is no choice to delete an entry made in single choice dropdown columns. would you develop that missing functionality in further versions of forms designer?

  • Dennis
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    #1 by Dennis Aug 11 ’14 at 06:14

    dropdown single choice = single lookup column dropdown element

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #2 by Dmitry Kozlov Aug 12 ’14 at 02:48

    [#1]: Hello,

    Non mandatory lookup field contains additional option (None):

    Unset lookup field on SharePoint form

    With regard to a choice field, you can add the same option 'None' and make it default:

    Unset choice field on SharePoint form

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