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Posted by stieland - Jun 17 ’13 at 12:43

I have a calculated field on the form.  I am looking for how to do the following on both the Display and Edit forms:

  • Get the value of the calculated field
  • Set the background color of the calculated field based off of the value - if below 50 set background to red, 51-99 set to yellow, 100 set to green
  • Set the value of the calcuated field based off of actions on the form
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    I have created a simple example for you. First, I created a new custom list with three column: A (number), B (number), SUM (calculated field: A + B). In Forms Designer I added my fields into the form and set css-class of SUM field to 'calc-field'. I will use this class in selector to set background-color:

    SharePoint Calculated field


    Next, I declared the following CSS classes in Forms Designer's CSS-editor:

    .bg-red {
      background-color: red;
    .bg-green {
      background-color: green;
    .bg-yellow {
      background-color: yellow;

    I will use them to set background color based on the SUM field value. Next, I added the following js-code to JS-editor:

    function setBgColor() {
      $('.calc-field').removeClass('bg-red bg-yellow bg-green')
      var calcValue = parseFloat(fd.field('SUM').control()._el().text());
      if (calcValue <= 50) {
      if (calcValue > 50 && calcValue < 100) {
      if (calcValue == 100) {
    function updateSum() {
      var a = parseFloat(fd.field('A').control().value());
      var b = parseFloat(fd.field('B').control().value());
      fd.field('SUM').control()._el().html(a + b);
    // updates calculated field value when value of field A is changed.
    fd.field('A').control().change(function() {
    // updates calculated field value when value of field B is changed.
    fd.field('B').control().change(function() {
    // sets background color of SUM field

    setBgColor function changes background of the calculated field based on its value. updateSum updates value of SUM field based on the current values of A and B and changes its background color. I call this function when value of the field A or B is changed. And in the latest line I call setBgColor to set initial background color of SUM field.

    To get detailed description of Forms Designer's JS-framework, please, follow the link:

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    Perfect, thanks.  I could not have asked for a better example.

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