Posted by stieland - Aug 7 ’13 at 09:23

On the bottom of the form (to the left of the default save\cancel buttons) is basic audit\version details.




Is there anyway to add information down there - say another field like status?  I am sure that we could hide it with CSS if we wanted.

Also, do you know of anyway to report out more version history details?

  • Dmitry
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    #1 by Dmitry Aug 8 ’13 at 12:57

    You can put your own field into this zone only with JavaScript or by modifying form-page with SharePoint Designer. Example: I put Status field on the form, defined CSS-class 'status-field' and make it readonly.

    Set CSS-class of SharePoint form field

    In JS-editor I placed the following code:

    // Getting title and value of Status field
    var title = fd.field('Status').title()._el().text();
    var value = fd.field('Status').control()._el().text();
    // Put status and value to the bottom
    $('#onetidinfoblock2').parent().after('<tr><td class="ms-descriptiontext" nowrap="nowrap">' + title + ': ' + value + '</td></tr>');
    // Hide status field from the form by its CSS-class

    As for version history, we are trying to describe new features in our blog as separate cases. I recommend you to follow us there. For example this post covers features of version 2.7.3:

  • JamieAlexander
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    #2 by JamieAlexander Jan 8 ’21 at 03:00

    Yes, it can be hidden definitely but why do you want to hide it, it's undesirable.  The main link shows how the outlook will be after all your mentioned edits. I don't think you will want this for your website.

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