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Posted by marcwenger - Jan 28 ’14 at 02:31

Hello - are the functions getUrlParam and setUrlParam for use only with subforms, or can it be used to grab information from the SharePoint page that is calling the form?  I can't seems to read the URL that called the form.  Thanks,


  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Jan 29 ’14 at 04:01


    If you open your form in a dialog, you can get params of the parent page by the following code:

    fd.getUrlParam(window.top.location.href, 'ParamName')

    If form is opened in main window, you can use Source parameter which contains URL of the page from which the current form has been opened:

    var sourceUrl = GetUrlKeyValue('Source');
    fd.getUrlParam(sourceUrl, 'ParamName');
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