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Posted by marcwenger - Jul 7 ’14 at 07:51

Am I able to refresh a read-only field of a looked-up field?

My field Priority is related to the field SLA  (Priority 1 = SLA 1; Priority 2 = SLA 2; Priority 3 = SLA 4), and this is defined in another list.  Whenever priority gets updated I want SLA to be updated without having to save th form.  Is this possible?

(I'm trying to upload a screenshot so my question makes more sense, but am unable to do so.  Let me know if I should send it elsewhere)

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Jul 8 ’14 at 03:58


    Please, clarify a bit. You mean you wish to refresh additional columns of a lookup dynamically without saving the form, right? If so, unfortunately it's impossible with the out of the box lookup column. We have Cross-site Lookup that allows to configure such case with some code, but it doesn't support SharePoint 2010. You can use CSOM to request additional columns directly from a form when user changes a lookup field. Our support team can help you with this task, it will take about $200 support minutes.

  • marcwenger
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    #2 by marcwenger Jul 8 ’14 at 01:04

    [#1]: Hello - yes your description is correct in that I want a read only field updated without saving/closing.  Thanks for advising, and I will notify my team this isn't possible in SP 2010.  Thank you.


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