Google Chrome removing values held in People-picker fields when opening in Edit mode


Posted by Merley72 - Oct 19 ’15 at 11:20


Hi there,

I've just come across a Chrome "difference" (from IE / Firefox) which caused lots of head-scratching when we were going through end-user testing.

A Forms Designer modified list which has a People-Picker on it, opens and can be used perfectly in IE and Firefox etc. You can add a name to the field, edit the form and retain the value, save & close the form, publish it, change the visibility etc. All is fool-proof.

If you open up that same form in Google Chrome, and add a name then save & close the document. Then go back and Edit the document again, the name does not show in the field. Of course unfortunately you can save the form at that point and the field becomes blank.

In my situation, I'm having an end-user edit the form, but the People-picker field is one of a bunch of control fields which are hidden from normal view. Thus when the user saves the edited form, the Names fields become blank which is not what is intended at all!!!

I would put money on this being a Chrome problem and not something that the Forms Designer does or does-not do, however wondered if there was a way around this anyone could recommend.

If all else fails I can reset the People-picker fields by having a new Workflow which is very similar to that which originally set the fields in the first place, and have that run after every 'save', but that seems a bit extreme. Any suggestions will be very welcome!

Thanks a lot. Alan C.




  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Oct 20 ’15 at 08:40


    It seems to be a bug introduced with a new version of Chrome browser. While we're working on fixing it, please use the following CSS code for now (simply insert it into the CSS editor for the page(s)):

     visibility: visible !important;
  • Merley72
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    #2 by Merley72 Oct 20 ’15 at 09:04

    What brilliant people!!!

    Thanks for the fix.  I admit that I thought this would be an impossible to resolve in the short term and it would need some code that related just to the Chrome problem.  Very well done.

    Last night I did use the workflow get around to allow for testing to continue, but I can now safely add this element and dispense with the workflow.

    Thanks again.  Alan C.

  • rostislav
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    #3 by rostislav Oct 20 ’15 at 11:44


    You are welcome.

    We've fixed the issue, you can download and install the new version of Forms Designer so as not to use the workaround.

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