Get the value of Field and set it into another form


Posted by agent01 - Jul 3 ’13 at 09:47

Hi Guys,

i have a 2 list i used the first one to input a data on the field my problem was how can i able to get the value of my first field then copy into my second list as read only, Thanks in Advance..

  • Dmitry
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    #1 by Dmitry Jul 3 ’13 at 12:20

    As I understood, you wish to link two lists and display additional fields belonging to the first list in the second list as read only. You have to use Lookup column with additional fields. Please, go to your second list settings, add lookup column, configure it to get data from the first list and add additional fields. Here is detailed description:

  • agent01
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    #2 by agent01 Jul 3 ’13 at 02:11

    Hi sir

    Thank you so much for your answer i know it will help me a lot, by the way can i make it thruogh the use of Java script? using on-Load or Onclick? please help thanks..

  • Dmitry
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    #3 by Dmitry Jul 4 ’13 at 03:18

    [#2]: Hello,

    I do not exactly understand why you wish to achieve this goal with JavaScript, but you can. You can update related list items with SPUpdateMultipleListItems of SPServices when the form is submitted:

        //Put the code that updates related list items here
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