Can a specific user name be included in a 'User-Defined Rule?


Posted by Merley72 - Oct 1 ’14 at 07:46


I'm wanting to see if the name of a specific user (John Doe for example), can be included in a Group Editor option when I select that to have a User-Defined Rule instead of a SharePoint Group?  I'd like to also check if a particular status has been applied to document as well (for example - Validate) at the same time.

Checking the Validate status is easy ( [Status] == 'Validate' ), but getting the current user's name ( ContainsCurrentUser ) to be able to match a user name seems complicated.  I've used all manner of variants but think it might be down to the way SharePoint sees users.   Am I missing something here?  Should I do it a different way?  Can anyone guide me in this procewss please.

Thanks in advance.  Alan C

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Oct 2 ’14 at 04:02

    Hi Alan,

    Please, try the following formula:

    [Status] == 'Validate' && CurrentUserName == 'John Doe'

    You can also check the current user by login:

    [Status] == 'Validate' && CurrentUserLogin == 'DOMAIN\login'

  • Merley72
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    #2 by Merley72 Oct 2 ’14 at 05:33

    Hi Dmitry

    Thanks for that it works perfectly. Next time I promise to read all of the help text before I ask this kind of question!


    Alan C.

  • wernereegranad75
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    #3 by wernereegranad75 Apr 22 ’21 at 01:01

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