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Posted by Sonoma - May 12 ’16 at 03:26


Is there a way that we can remove tabs and keep content?

Essentially show all or show in tabs. Kind of like print mode.



  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav May 13 ’16 at 02:40

    Hi, If by print mode you mean you have some CSS in a @media print query, then you can just apply the same CSS without the @media print prefix. E.g.

    @media print {
        //your print CSS here, e.g.
        body {
            background-color: lightgreen;

    becomes just:

    body {
        background-color: lightgreen;

    Might also have to make your CSS rules !important, like this:

    body {
        background-color: lightgreen !important;
  • Sonoma
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    #2 by Sonoma May 13 ’16 at 06:52

    That seems simple. I will try.

    We have forms withover 200 fields and some users need to full page for QA.


    Thank you.

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