SPForm Webpart Easily Update


Posted by Jdubs - May 10 ’16 at 01:41

Is there any easier way to update SPForms as a webpart vs. deleted the existing webpart and creating a new webpart with the new template?


Is there any direct way to update the existing webpart with the updated spforms .xfds file?



  • rostislav
    Member for: 6 years 6 months 26 days
    #1 by rostislav May 11 ’16 at 05:46

    Hi there!

    Can you explain what are you trying to do?

  • Jdubs
    Member for: 6 years 11 months 11 days
    #2 by Jdubs May 13 ’16 at 08:16

    Eh, I'll just keep doing it the way I'm doing it currently;  it's just a little tedious.


    Thanks anyway though!

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