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Posted by Jimmy Daresta - Aug 26 ’16 at 08:34

I have read in the forums and online how to copy or duplicate a form and then edit it. However, I in a condrum related to workflows.

Currently I have a workflow that fires when either a new item is added or saved after edit. What I need is in the edit or view forms that when they click a custom Duplicate button that it will some how alter the page to clear out some items they need to make unique and then when they click save it will save it as a new item invoking the workflow I have in place as if it was being added.

Additional options I see are to add some parameter on the page that if when the duplicate button is clicked its filled in and sent to the workflow. Or if I could some how forward to the New form and either pass the existing values or read in the new form the values from an existing item to prepopulate.

My goal here is to treat the duplicated one like a new one being added so that the notifications in the order of adding and later editing work as expected. If I simply just copy it then the workflow will send a notification to the next person before the copied form has been updated and saved.

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Aug 29 ’16 at 10:22

    Hi Jimmy,

    Here, you should create a 'duplicate' button that redirects users to a new form with additional parameter, ID of the source item. Based on the parameter, you should retrieve data from the source item via JSOM and pre-populate fields. Our support team can assist you with the case. Please, send a template of the list to [email protected], specify the list of columns you need to pre-populate, and we will estimate the task.

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