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Posted by kb2020 - Oct 20 ’16 at 12:40


The guide to setup the related items is pretty simple. However, I need some clarity or the best practice for the following, I am on Office 365.

My child items list is expected to grow at least 6K per year. Is using the related items a good idea in this instance, since it works on view filtering ?  What happens when the view configured for the related items reaches 5K or more, would I loose the "associations" of the parent child relationship within the form or do I have to go back in the form and add additional related items controls configured for each scenario ? I am not sure, how it will work since I havent reached in the situation as yet, so guidance is really needed.

My other solution is to store the repeating items in a multi-line text field in a json like format. It already works, however I would really like to know if I am overlooking the related-items.

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    As an option, you can pre-filter the list by date with CAML-query, say, return items created during a month or a year. Add the static condition to the source view or add it directly to the View property of the Related Items control in Forms Designer. Please, note that the column by which you pre-filter the view (ex.: Created) must be indexed.

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