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We have a simple Master-Detail situation. On the detail-edit-from I want to display fields from related Item (Master in this case 1:1) which are filtered via calc. Lookupcolumn. I do not want to show the related item grid on the form. How to do this?

thx for helping me.

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    What do you know about sludge pump?

    As an enterprise specializing in the production of sludge pump and sludge pump, we have produced high-quality products, but if we can't sell them, no one knows the excellence of our products, our production will be meaningless, so how to sell our products is a problem we need to solve.
    In the present era, products are never lacking. What is lacking is the market. To sell products, we need marketing, and sales is a part of marketing. For example, selling sludge pump, how to sell to customers, we should pay attention to a strategy. The process of sales is also a process of interpersonal communication. Through this, your interpersonal network and the amount of information will be more and more large, which provides a huge market opportunity for your sales. Sales should pay attention to methods and strategies, not reckless, be good at summarizing, learn sales skills, understand the hearts of customers, where are the real needs of customers? Only really understand the customer, can we better communicate with him, meet his needs, and then sell the product to him.

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    Influence of working conditions on the service life of slurry pump


    Slurry pump in different industries play a different role, then the wear conditions are different, so the service life is also different. Slurry pump has been used in mineral processing, electric power, coal washing, sand separation and other fields. In the mineral processing industry, the working condition of ore primary separation is bad, so the service life of slurry pump is low. Of course, different ores have different abrasivity.



    For example, in the concentrate transportation section, the relative abrasion resistance is reduced, and the overall service life of the pump is longer. In the field of coal washing, larger coal block and coal gangue are easy to block the slurry pump, which is also easy to reduce the service life of slurry pump. In the fields of electric power, sand selection and other fields, due to the different working environment, there are different degrees of abrasion on the special pump of aerated concrete, which has a certain impact on the service life of the submerged slurry pump. Therefore, in the purchasing process, the general user often asks the service life of the supplier's products.



    Strictly speaking, any manufacturer will not promise an accurate service life cycle for users without any basis, because the service life of flow passage components depends on many different factors, and the diversity and complexity of working conditions lead to different service life of materials with the same quality. But in the early selection aspect, we can let the powerful manufacturers help to select the type. The use of aerated concrete pump is easy to wear, and its service life is also greatly affected. However, the use efficiency of slurry pump can be higher through reasonable design, correct operation and regular maintenance.


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    To get in touch with an animation company you need to focus on several different aspects. And one of the most important one of them is how well does the company connect with your wishes and requests. Are they able to meet you on the same page or not. These questions will help you hire animation company that can work on your desired animation in an adept manner. Resulting in an effective deliverance of messages, which not only retains the viewers but influences them to get in touch with the brand behind the animation as well as. What are the right ways to seek help from an Automated Video Creation Software ?

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    It’s 2021, and VoIP phone technology has turned the modern hospitality experience on its head. and as your hotel reopens to guests, getting an efficient and affordable phone system up and running is just good sense.

    Because whether your guests will be calling to make a reservation, order room service, or request a dry-cleaning service, VoIP phones will empower your hospitality business to solve guest queries quicker.

    That’s why a good hotel phone system is still the most important piece of tech you can own.

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    Motel Phone System Prices

    As a member of the hospitality industry, you don't need to be told that top notch customer service is the key to running a successful hotel. And while employing the right people to vital to providing a high level of service, the role of technology should not be overlooked. A hotel that offers the latest technology has an advantage over those with outdated systems, and this includes the hotel phone system.

    Modern hotel phone systems can provide not only features that appeal to guests, but a high level of functionality that can reduce ownership costs, streamline management, and even provide new revenue streams.

    Standard hotel PBXs provide limited features and are very expensive to purchase and maintain, and phone systems approved by MICROS-Fidelio are even more expensive. Phone System requires far less initial investment than other hotel phone systems and reduces maintenance fees. Lowering both the purchase price and phone bills drives down overall costs, which is crucial to hotels looking to leverage any opportunity to remain competitive in a challenging economic environment. Phone System also includes more features than many MICROS-Fidelio approved PBXs.

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    Leather Water Vapor Permeability Testing Machine

    Shoes water vapour permeability tester is mainly applicable to leathers and textiles used in footwear uppers and clothing where it gives a measure of the ability to remove perspiration from the surface of the wearer's skin.The tester is used to determine the amount of water vapour a material will transmit through its structure in a specified time.

    Product information:

    The vapor permeability of leather is evaluated by means of measuring the weight of water-vapor that permeates to specimen per unit time and per unit area. The main functional components includes: testing holder clamp, ventilation fan, control panel with functions of switch, time setting and recording.

    The machine has six separate test stations on a rotary table and each one has a sample holder. Silica gel desiccant is placed in the holder and the test material is placed over the neck of the holder and secured by a screw top. After weighing each holder, complete with silica gel and sample material, the holders are placed and locked into the rotary mechanism.

    After 7-8 hours the complete holder is weighed again and the gained weight is used to determine the degree of permeability. It is essential that the entire operation is carried out in a conditioned atmosphere of 20°C and 65% per cent relative humidity. In addition to the standard equipment, the tester is also supplied with a built-in timer to record the number of hours that testing has been carried out.


    UNI EN IUP/15, UNI EN 13515,

    EN ISO 20344: 6.6, IUP 15, BS 3144 Method 24,

    SLP 25,DIN 53333, ISO 17699,

    DIN 53 429, METODO - 309 WI 009

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    Metallurgical industry: The vacuum technology used in the metallurgical industry includes molten steel vacuum processing, vacuum melting, vacuum induction melting, induction shell melting, vacuum arc remelting, etc. Among them, the vacuum treatment of molten steel is a very important aspect of the metallurgical industry. This technology is mainly used in the atomic energy industry, aerospace technology, ocean drilling technology, gas engine technology, automobile industry, aircraft manufacturing, high-speed trains and other high-tech industries to control and process certain elements in steel, and to The life and reliability of materials put forward higher and higher requirements.

    Conventional Problems In The Work Of Vacuum Sintering Furnaces And Unsuitable Materials

    Electronics and microelectronics industry: Microelectronics technology requires smaller and smaller electronic components and circuits, and higher integration requirements. This is inseparable from the application of vacuum technology, especially the microfabrication technology of VLSI. The formation of geometrical structure, ultra-thin layer growth technology, and particle beam injection technology all require a high-quality and clean vacuum environment, which shows its development Dependence on vacuum technology and equipment.

    20CrMnTi Gear Carburizing Heat Treatment

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