on.submit code doesn't update SharePoint list


Posted by Jdubs - May 3 ’16 at 11:20


  1. Fire the following code when the form opens -->  The code works and the SharePoint list is updatedwith the new value.
  2. Fire the following code in a fd.onsubmit(function() { }) wrapper.  The code works but the SharePoint list is not updated with the new value.

//Get Time Stamp of when form was Opened

var formOpenedTime = new Date();


//Compare Current User to Assigned To

SP.SOD.executeOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded((function() {

var ctx = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();

var web = ctx.get_web();


user = web.get_currentUser();



function() {

currentuser = user.get_loginName();

assignedTo = fd.field('AssignedTo').value().dictionaryEntries[0].AccountName;

if ( currentuser == assignedTo ) {


//Get Time Stamp of when form was Closed

var formClosedTime = new Date();

//Calculate total time form opened

var timeElapsed = (formClosedTime - formOpenedTime);

var seconds = timeElapsed / 1000


//Update Time

var currentTime = parseFloat(fd.field('calcWorkingTime').value());

var oldTime = parseFloat(fd.field('TotalTime').value());

var newTime = currentTime + oldTime;





}), "SP.js");


I've commented everything out and verified that the on.submit wrapper is solely responsbile for the changed value not hitting the list.


I cannot figure out why :(

  • Jdubs
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    #1 by Jdubs May 4 ’16 at 03:01

    Just in case someone is able to get to this, I'll provide some clarification below because I really need this to work.


    When the code below runs in the on.submit wrapper, the code works and I can see the values change in the Edit Form (as intended), but after the item is saved, when I go to the SharePoint list the values on the list dont change (even though they changed in the form before it was submitted).


    Conversely, if I run the code outside of the on.submit wrapper, everything still works, but the values are actually updated in the SharePoint list upon submit.

  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #2 by Dmitry Kozlov May 5 ’16 at 01:00

    [#1]: The problem is that you're using asinchronous operation (ctx.executeQueryAsync) in the synchronous handler (fd.onsubmit). You need to rewrite your code following way:

    1. Retrieve the current user's login when the form is loaded and save it in a local variable

    2. Use the variable in the onsubmit handler.

  • Jdubs
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    #3 by Jdubs May 18 ’16 at 01:56

    [#2]: Thanks Dmitry.  You rock.


    Was beating my head against the wall on that one.

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