O365 - Alternative to user defined rules?


Posted by Dan_C - Dec 2 ’14 at 06:53

Hi there,

I am currently using your software on a trial basis and I have so much to learn that I'm afraid I may run out of time.

Currently I'm interested in hiding fields based on the type of user viewing the form.  It seemed to me that user defined rules may be great but unfortunately that functionality is not available for the Office 365 version.

Do you have any suggestions for a work around?  Can I populate a hidden field with the current user's group or pull a "group" field from a custom list based on the current user id?  If I have a hidden field populated, could I then hide fields with the CSS method I've seen talked about in other messages and your blog based on the value of the hidden field?

I'd like to dynamically display different approval fields based on the current user and their associated level in the approval chain.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you,


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