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Posted by jenlianne146 - Jan 6 ’15 at 05:38

We are using SP forms for several internal systems and it has greatly improved the usability of our forms. (Using SharePoint Online/Office 365). My only issue is creating a print view for forms with multiple tabs. I was able to follow the directions posted on the SP Forms website, where you essentially create the print view in the "display form" layout page, then change the name of it using SP Designer, then change the "display form" back to the format you want to display, with a print button or link pointing the the renamed "print" view.

I got the print view to work, but I'm very hesitant to implement it. It seems to me that if a field is added or changed (which happens fairly often in our forms), then I will have to recreate the print view, once again re-name it using SP Designer, then go back and re-create the display view. Is this correct? Or am I missing something? It just seems like a lot of work each time there is a change to the form.

I appreciate any help you can provide.



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    We're going to implement functionality allowing users to create multiple forms of the same type and choose one by default. So you will be able to switch between forms directly in Forms Designer and modify them. Currently I'd recommend to export the print and default forms into files with Forms Designer and restore the layout from the file whenever you need to modify it. So will not have to re-create the print form each time you need to change it.

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