IsCurrentUserMemberOfGroup and Active Directory Groups


Posted by RMIC - Mar 15 ’16 at 08:48


Dear Sir or Madam,

at last I have an problem with active directory groups and the function „IsCurrentUserMemberOfGroup“ from


I would like to organize memberships of groups with active directory groups. I have changed the SharePoint group from user to only one active directory group. Now the formulars with the User-defined rule „IsCurrentUserMemberOfGroup“ is not shown by users. I think the problem is, that the active directory group will not expand to the users.

Is there a solution for this problem in your opinion?



Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely

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    This functionality should be working for AD groups too, as per this Microsoft's documentation page:

    SPGroup.ContainsCurrentUser is the property used to determine whether a group contains a specified user, and it works for AD groups too: "For example, if the group object contains a domain group that contains the current user, this property returns true. "

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