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Posted by Stu - Jun 25 ’16 at 05:33

Hi Guys

I have a column in my list that contains HTML. I would like to have it visable on the form. How would I achieve this?

  • Do I use the </>HTML and than set the content in the Java script? If this is  the case how do you do it?
  • Or is there an option to have a value treated as HTML as opposed to text?



  • Stu
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    #1 by Stu Jun 25 ’16 at 05:49

    This answer from another Post worked


    Put your calculated column into the form with Forms Designer. Then put the following code into JS-editor of Forms Designer:

    var text = fd.field('Calc1').control()._el().text();

    In my example the internal name of the calculated column is 'Calc1', so you have to replace it with your internal name.

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