How to Populate People Picker value on Child Item


Posted by Jdubs - Sep 3 ’15 at 07:32

I'm using the following code to pre-populate information on a child form from the parent form (when using Related Item control):


//Pre-populate Information




fd.field('Payee').value('Payee').value());  <-- People Picker

fd.field('Payor').value('Payor').value());  <-- People Picker


The code works great, except for People Picker fields.  The information passes as blank.


Is there a way to populate that information?

  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Sep 3 ’15 at 09:00

    Depending on what type of people picker you're using and what type of information you can use to identify users there are different ways to do this, please check For example, if you're using single server people pickers and want to use emails to identify users you can do:

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