Form Timeout


Posted by Jdubs - Aug 21 ’15 at 08:34

So I noticed that when a user has a Forms Designer form open for X amount of time, it "times out."


However, when they submit the form, Forms Designer does not have a notification/error message letting them know the form times out, but rather goes through as normal.

The only difference is the item never makes it to the SharePoint list they are trying to submit to.


Is there any way to fix this, like adding a timeout message and code for "return false" ... or something else?



  • Jdubs
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    #1 by Jdubs Aug 21 ’15 at 08:36

    I should have added that 9/10, the user does not notice the list item doesn't go through and thinks that they submitted the form successfully.

  • rostislav
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    #2 by rostislav Aug 24 ’15 at 04:00


    You can change the timeout value setting, please see

    In addition, you can display a message after when timeout occurs, or some time before it occurs, using the setTimeout function

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