Form initiation is slow


Posted by [email protected] - Jun 14 ’16 at 03:49

When I click the link for the a list item from its native list view page ("All Items") there is a delay everytime before the SP Form starts to process. It is about a 5 second delay to either the Edit, Display or New Form. I have removed all Lookup fields and just have Option lists.

Have you experienced this type of behaviour when loading the different forms? It is like it is thinking and determining which form to load.

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    #11 by [email protected] Jun 16 ’16 at 03:02

    [#10]: I will package that up. Would using the development version have an affect? Also, which program did you use to capture the page load speed?


    There definitely could be something not set up correctly as this is a new server weare play with. I know it has 16gb ram

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