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Posted by Dars - Apr 8 ’16 at 08:29



I'm currently evaluating spform on our Sharepoint 2013 Foundation.  So far, it looks really interesting!

I have created a list where users can create entries using the New Form which works fine.  I have one field in this list defined as "People" where we can identify who is the person responsible for this entry.


Now I would like to have only the creator of this entry and also the person assigned to this responsible field to be able to edit the list entry.

I have created two different Edit Form (All users version + User-defined rule) because the editable fields vary but I don't want other people to be able to edit the entry.  Is there any way I can manage this?

Thank you!


  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Apr 11 ’16 at 03:59


    Not sure if I got you completely. But, as you already know, you can provide different forms to different users via user group rules. To identify if the standard Created By  field contains the current user just do

    ContainsCurrentUser([Created By])

    in the user defined rule editor.

    If you want to captchure users in the created by field and in the people field you can simply do:

    ContainsCurrentUser([Created By]) || ContainsCurrentUser([People])

    Does that answer your question?

  • Dars
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    #2 by Dars Apr 11 ’16 at 06:42

    Sorry, I wasn't really clear ;)

    Actually, it's not really a spform problem but I think that using spform I can manage it somehow.

    Based on Sharepoint security, my users have access to create & edit entries in the list.  They should be allowed to edit entries created by someone else if the creator of the record put their name in a people field of the list.  However if they are not the creator of the record and if their name is not in that people field, they should not be able to edit the record.

    I managed it by creating a user-defined rule form that simply prints "You're not allowed to edit that record" and by also removing the "Save" button.

  • rostislav
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    #3 by rostislav Apr 11 ’16 at 07:05


    Yes, you can do that. You can also put all your fields in read only mode.

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