Field Undefined with Sparqube lookup column


Posted by Jimmy Daresta - Aug 2 ’16 at 02:58

I am using a third party sharepoint control that works fine within the SPForm when rendered and in read only EXCEPT when I use Javascript to try to get the selected value. I have tried he syntax with just .value() and with .control('getSelectedText). Below is the rendered html section of the control. What way shoudl I call it to get the selected value?




<td class="" style="width:100%;padding:5px 5px 5px 5px;"><div class="fd_field highlighted-title" fd_name="Customer" style=""><div class="fd_title" style="width: 150px; float: left; white-space: nowrap; ">Customer<span class="ms-formvalidation"> *</span></div><div class="ms-formbody fd_control" fd_type="Sparqube.LookupColumn" style="margin-left: 160px;" fd_readonly="False"><span dir="none"><div id="ctl00_ctl40_g_bcc109c6_7887_4bc2_a825_342c02fdc28a_CustomerField_ctl00__Update">

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:100%;">


<td colspan="2"><div id="ctl00_ctl40_g_bcc109c6_7887_4bc2_a825_342c02fdc28a_CustomerField_ctl00__Content"><select name="ctl00$ctl40$g_bcc109c6_7887_4bc2_a825_342c02fdc28a$CustomerField$ctl00$Lookup" id="ctl00_ctl40_g_bcc109c6_7887_4bc2_a825_342c02fdc28a_CustomerField_ctl00_Lookup" title="Customer" style="width:250px;">

<option value="772" style="">3M - AMES, IOWA</option>

<option value="773" style="">3M - ANGLETON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="774" style="">3M - CORDOVA, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="775" style="">3M - COTTAGE GROVE, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="776" style="">3M - DEKALB, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="777" style="">3M - HUTCHINSON, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="778" style="">3M - LA PORTE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="779" style="">3M - MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="780" style="">3M - NEW ULM, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="781" style="">3M - SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="782" style="">3M - SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="783" style="">3M CANADA - LONDON, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="784" style="">3M CANADA - MORDEN, MANITOBA</option>

<option value="785" style="">ACCENT STRIPE - ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="786" style="">ADHESIFS ADHPRO - MAGOG, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="787" style="">ADHESIVES TECHNOLOGY - POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="788" style="">ADVANCED POLYMER ALLOYS - CARPENTERSVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="789" style="">AEGION (aka BAYOU WASCO) - NEW IBERIA, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="790" style="">AI CHEM (aka ALLNEX) - NORTH AUGUSTA, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="791" style="">AIR LIQUIDE ELECTRONICS US LP - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="792" style="">AIR PRODUCTS &amp; CHEMICALS - COLUMBUS, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="793" style="">AIR PRODUCTS &amp; CHEMICALS - LEHIGH VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="794" style="">AIR PRODUCTS &amp; CHEMICALS - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="795" style="">AKZO NOBEL - STRONGSVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="796" style="">AKZO NOBEL (aka INTERNATIONAL PAINT) - BEREA, OHIO</option>

<option value="797" style="">AKZO NOBEL (aka INTERNATIONAL PAINT) - EDISON, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="798" style="">AKZO NOBEL (aka INTERNATIONAL PAINT) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="799" style="">AKZO NOBEL (aka INTERNATIONAL PAINT) - NEWARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="800" style="">AKZO NOBEL (aka INTERNATIONAL PAINT) - UNION, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="801" style="">AKZO NOBEL AEROSPACE COATINGS - WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="802" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - AKRON, OHIO</option>

<option value="803" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - COLUMBUS, OHIO</option>

<option value="804" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, OHIO</option>

<option value="805" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - HURON, OHIO</option>

<option value="806" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - LA VERGNE, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="807" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="808" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="809" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - READING, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="810" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - SHINROCK, OHIO</option>

<option value="811" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - STRONGSVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="812" style="">AKZO NOBEL COATINGS - WARSAW, INDIANA</option>

<option value="813" style="">AKZO NOBEL PAINTS LLC - SHINROCK, OHIO</option>

<option value="814" style="">AKZO NOBEL PAINTS LLC - STRONGSVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="815" style="">AKZO NOBEL SPECIALTY COATINGS - PONTIAC, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="816" style="">AKZO NOBEL SPECIALTY COATINGS - WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="817" style="">AKZO NOBEL SURFACE CHEMISTRY - MORRIS, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="818" style="">AKZO NOBEL SURFACE CHEMISTRY - SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="819" style="">ALBEMARLE - ETHYL, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="820" style="">ALBEMARLE - MAGNOLIA, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="821" style="">ALLCOLOUR PAINT LIMITED - OAKVILLE, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="822" style="">ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS (aka ATK LAUNCH SYSTEMS) - CORINNE, UTAH</option>

<option value="823" style="">ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS (aka ATK LAUNCH SYSTEMS) - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH</option>

<option value="824" style="">ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS (aka ATK LAUNCH SYSTEMS) - THIOKOL, UTAH</option>

<option value="825" style="">ALPHA CENTURION - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="826" style="">ALPHA TENNESSEE (aka AOC) - BRAMPTON, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="827" style="">ALPHA TENNESSEE (aka AOC) - COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="828" style="">ALPHA TENNESSEE (aka AOC) - GUELPH, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="829" style="">ALPHA TENNESSEE (aka AOC) - LAKELAND, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="830" style="">ALTANA (aka ELANTAS) - SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="831" style="">AMBASSADOR STEEL FABRICATION L - TOLEDO, OHIO</option>

<option value="832" style="">AMERICAN COLORS - SANDUSKY, OHIO</option>

<option value="833" style="">AMERICAN HELMITIN - OLIVE BRANCH, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="834" style="">AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL - TULSA, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="835" style="">AMERICAN WAREHOUSES - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="836" style="">AMINES LLC - AXIS, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="837" style="">AMINES LLC - PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="838" style="">ANDES CHEM - DORAL, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="839" style="">AOC L.L.C.-GUELPH - GUELPH, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="840" style="">APODACA - LAREDO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="841" style="">ARIZONA POLYMER FLOORING - GLENDALE, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="842" style="">ARKEMA - CHATHAM, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="843" style="">ARKEMA - EXTON, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="844" style="">ARKEMA - KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="845" style="">ARKEMA - WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="846" style="">ARMSTRONG HOLDINGS - LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="847" style="">ARNCO UNIVERSITY - BEREA, OHIO</option>

<option value="848" style="">ARNETTE - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="849" style="">ARNETTE - RICHMOND, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="850" style="">ARROWSTAR - DALTON - DALTON, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="851" style="">ARTEK PLASTICS - KENNER, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="852" style="">ASHLAND - CALVERT CITY, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="853" style="">ASHLAND - CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="854" style="">ASHLAND - COLUMBUS, OHIO</option>

<option value="855" style="">ASHLAND - DUBLIN, OHIO</option>

<option value="856" style="">ASHLAND - FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="857" style="">ASHLAND - GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="858" style="">ASHLAND - HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="859" style="">ASHLAND - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="860" style="">ASHLAND - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="861" style="">ASHLAND - PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="862" style="">ASHLAND - PORTLAND, OREGON</option>

<option value="863" style="">ASHLAND - SAVANNAH, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="864" style="">ASHLAND - WILMINGTON, DELAWARE</option>

<option value="865" style="">ASK CHEMICAL  - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="866" style="">ASK CHEMICAL (aka DYNACHEM) - GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="867" style="">ATLAS MINERALS CHEMICALS - MERTZTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="868" style="">AXALTA - BUFFALO, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="869" style="">AXALTA - FREEPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="870" style="">AXALTA - FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="871" style="">AXALTA - HILLIARD, OHIO</option>

<option value="872" style="">AXALTA - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="873" style="">AXALTA - LAREDO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="874" style="">AXALTA - MOUNT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="875" style="">BACKER ET AL - CLINTON, OHIO</option>

<option value="876" style="">BAKER PETROLITE - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="877" style="">BARR &amp; W M - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="878" style="">BASF - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="879" style="">BASF - KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="880" style="">BASF SE - BISHOP, TEXAS</option>

<option value="881" style="">BASF SE - BRIDGE JUNCTION, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="882" style="">BASF SE - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="883" style="">BASF SE - FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="884" style="">BASF SE - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="885" style="">BASF SE - KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="886" style="">BASF SE - MATTAWAN, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="887" style="">BASF SE - MCINTOSH, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="888" style="">BASF SE - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="889" style="">BASF SE - TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="890" style="">BASF SE - WEST MEMPHIS, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="891" style="">BAULTAR CONCEPT - WINDSOR, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="892" style="">BECH CHEM LLC - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="893" style="">BECH CHEM LLC - PHOENIX, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="894" style="">BECH CHEM LLC - PINEVILLE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="895" style="">BELZONA ACCT - MIAMI LAKES, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="896" style="">BELZONE GLOBAL LLC - MIAMI, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="897" style="">BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (aka BENJAMIN MOORE) - PELL CITY, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="898" style="">BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (aka LUBRIZOL) - CALVERT CITY, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="899" style="">BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY (aka LUBRIZOL) - WICKLIFFE, OHIO</option>

<option value="900" style="">BEYNON SPORTS SURFACES - HUNT VALLEY, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="901" style="">BLADE DYNAMICS LLLP - NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="902" style="">BOND E - FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="903" style="">BOND EPOXIES - OAKLAND PARK, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="904" style="">BONSTONE MATERIALS - MUKWONAGO, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="905" style="">BOTTCHER AMERICA - TIPTON, INDIANA</option>

<option value="906" style="">BOULDER SCIENTIFIC - MEAD, COLORADO</option>

<option value="907" style="">BRADLEY PAINT - CONNELLSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="908" style="">BRIDGEPORT CHEMICAL - SARASOTA, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="909" style="">BRUNO BOCK CHEMISCHE (aka EVANS CHEMETICS) - WATERLOO, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="910" style="">BULAB HOLDINGS (aka BUCKMAN LABS) - CADET, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="911" style="">C V C SPECIALTY CHEM - MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="912" style="">C V C SPECIALTY CHEM - RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="913" style="">CANADIAN ENERGY SERVICES (aka JACAM) - STERLING, KANSAS</option>

<option value="914" style="">CARBO CERAMICS - NEW IBERIA, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="915" style="">CARDOLITE - NEWARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="916" style="">CARGILL INC - DALTON, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="917" style="">CASS POLYMERS - CHARLOTTE, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="918" style="">CASTAGRA PRODUCTS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="919" style="">CCP COMPOSITES US - SAUKVILLE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="920" style="">CEDAR PETROCHEMICALS - NEW YORK, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="921" style="">CELANESE (aka ZACAPU) - ZACAPU, MICHOACAN</option>

<option value="922" style="">CEREX ADVANCED FABRICS PARTNER - GONZALEZ, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="923" style="">CHAMPION FIBERGLASS - SPRING, TEXAS</option>

<option value="924" style="">CHEMCO SYSTEMS - ACAMPO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="925" style="">CHEMCO SYSTEMS - BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="926" style="">CHEMCO SYSTEMS - PORTLAND, OREGON</option>

<option value="927" style="">CHEMICAL MARKETING CONCEPTS - NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT</option>

<option value="928" style="">CHEMLOGICS LLC - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="929" style="">CHEMSTAR URETHANES - TUCSON, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="930" style="">CHEMTALL (aka SPCM) - RICEBORO, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="931" style="">CHEMTURA - MALLOY, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="932" style="">CHROMAFLO TECHNOLOGIES - ASHTABULA, OHIO</option>

<option value="933" style="">CLARIANT - MARTIN, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="934" style="">CLARIANT - MOUNT HOLLY, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="935" style="">CLASSIC B D - SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="936" style="">COHESANT MATERIALS - TULSA, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="937" style="">COLD STORAGE A &amp; D - WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="938" style="">COMPOSITES F R E - SAINT-ANDRE-D&#39;ARGENTEUIL, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="939" style="">CONCHEMCO - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="940" style="">CONCHEMCO - TEXAS CITY, TEXAS</option>

<option value="941" style="">CONCORD TERRAZZO - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="942" style="">COPPS INDUSTRIES - MEQUON, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="943" style="">CORCHEM - ODESSA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="944" style="">CORNERSTONE RESEARCH - BEAVERCREEK, OHIO</option>

<option value="945" style="">COSMIC PLASTIC - VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="946" style="">COVERIS ADVANCED COATINGS US L - MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="947" style="">CRAWFORD LABORATORIES - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="948" style="">CRAWFORD ROOFING CORP - TORONTO, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="949" style="">CREST CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES - NEW LENOX, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="950" style="">CRODA INTERNATIONAL PLC - MILL HALL, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="951" style="">CROSSFIELD PRODUCTS - RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="952" style="">CROSSFIELD PRODUCTS - ROSELLE PARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="953" style="">CROSSFIELD PRODUCTS - TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="954" style="">CROWN POLYMERS LLC - HUNTLEY, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="955" style="">CRYSTAL WAREHOUSE - WILMINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="956" style="">CTM ADHESIVES - ANJOU, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="957" style="">CUMING - AVON, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="958" style="">CVC SPECIALTY CHEMICALS - MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="959" style="">CYTEC ENGINEERED MATERIALS - GREENVILLE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="960" style="">CYTEC ENGINEERED MATERIALS - HAVRE DE GRACE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="961" style="">CYTEC ENGINEERED MATERIALS - ORANGE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="962" style="">CYTEC INDUSTRIES - BEECH ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="963" style="">CYTEC INDUSTRIES - HAVRE DE GRACE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="964" style="">CYTEC INDUSTRIES - LAREDO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="965" style="">CYTEC INDUSTRIES - TEMPE, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="966" style="">CYTEC INDUSTRIES - WOODLAND PARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="967" style="">DAUBERT CHEMICAL - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="968" style="">DAYTON SUPERIOR - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="969" style="">DEFT - IRVINE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="970" style="">DIXIE CHEMICAL ACCT - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="971" style="">DOW CORNING - ELGIN, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="972" style="">DOW CORNING - LONGMONT, COLORADO</option>

<option value="973" style="">DOW CORNING - MIDLAND, MICHIGAN</option>


<option value="975" style="">DOWAKSA ADVANCED COMPOSITES HO - HOLLAND, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="976" style="">DOWAKSA CORP ACCT - HOLLAND, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="977" style="">DOWD &amp; GUILD - RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="978" style="">DOWD &amp; GUILD - TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="979" style="">DSC UNITEX - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="980" style="">DUDICK - STREETSBORO, OHIO</option>

<option value="981" style="">DUOLINE - GILMER, TEXAS</option>

<option value="982" style="">DUPONT DE NEMOURS - FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="983" style="">DUPONT DE NEMOURS - MOUNT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="984" style="">DUPONT DE NEMOURS - OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="985" style="">DUPONT DE NEMOURS - WASHINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="986" style="">DUPONT DE NEMOURS - WILMINGTON, DELAWARE</option>

<option value="987" style="">DUR A FLEX - EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT</option>

<option value="988" style="">DUREZ - NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="989" style="">DUROMAR - PEMBROKE, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="990" style="">DYNA FLOOR SYSTEMS - SOLON, OHIO</option>

<option value="991" style="">DYNACHEM - GEORGETOWN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="992" style="">EASTMAN CHEMICAL - CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="993" style="">EASTMAN KOKAK - ROCHESTER, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="994" style="">EBONITE INTERNATIONAL - HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="995" style="">ECOLAB (aka Champion Tech) - CORSICANA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="996" style="">ECOLAB (aka Champion Tech) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="997" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="998" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - EL TIGRE, ANZOATEGUI</option>

<option value="999" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - GARYVILLE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1000" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1001" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1002" style="">ECOLAB (aka Nalco) - SUGAR LAND, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1003" style="">ELPACO COATINGS - SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1004" style="">EMCO FINISHING PRODUCTS - JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1005" style="">EMECOLE - ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1006" style="">EMERALD (aka C V C SPECIALY) - MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1007" style="">ENDURA MANUFACTURING LIMITED - EDMONTON, ALBERTA</option>

<option value="1008" style="">ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGIES - SOUTH SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1009" style="">ENERGETX COMPOSITES LLC ACCT - HOLLAND, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1010" style="">ENNIS PAINT (aka ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE INVEST) - ENNIS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1011" style="">ENNIS PAINT (aka ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE INVEST) - RICHMOND, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1012" style="">ENNIS PAINT (aka ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE INVEST) - SALEM, OREGON</option>

<option value="1013" style="">ENVIROCHEM TECHNOLOGIES - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1014" style="">ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY - FIELDS LANDNG, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1015" style="">EPIC RESINS - PALMYRA, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1016" style="">EPMAR - PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1017" style="">EPOX SCI - CAMPOBELLO, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1018" style="">EPOXI TECH - MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1019" style="">EPOXY FORMULATIONS - DENVER, COLORADO</option>

<option value="1020" style="">EPOXYN PRODUCTS - MOUNTAIN HOME, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1021" style="">EQUISTAR CHEMICALS LP - TUSCOLA, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1022" style="">ERGON - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1023" style="">ERIE POWDER COATINGS - NORTH EAST, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1024" style="">ESTRON CHEMICAL - CALVERT CITY, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1025" style="">EVONIK IND - THEODORE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1026" style="">FARRELL CALHOUN - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1027" style="">FASCO UNLIMITED HIALEAH - HIALEAH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1028" style="">FAUX EFFECTS - VERO BEACH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1029" style="">FERRO - VISTA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1030" style="">FIBERSPAR - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1031" style="">FIELCO INDUSTRIES - HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1032" style="">FLAME CONTROL COATINGS - NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1033" style="">FORREST PAINT - EUGENE, OREGON</option>

<option value="1034" style="">FOX INDUSTRIES - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="1035" style="">FREEMAN PRODUCTS - GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1036" style="">FRITZ INDUSTRIES - GREENVILLE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1037" style="">FRITZ INDUSTRIES - MESQUITE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1038" style="">FUTURE PIPE HOLDINGS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1039" style="">FYFE LLC - ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1040" style="">FYFE LLC - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1041" style="">GABRIEL PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS - ASHTABULA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1042" style="">GALAXY TOLLING - BRANTFORD, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1043" style="">GARLAND INDUSTRIES - FONTANA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1044" style="">GDB INTERNATIONAL - NASHVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1045" style="">GENERAL CABLE - HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1046" style="">GENERAL ELECTRIC - BEAUMONT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1047" style="">GENERAL ELECTRIC - DECATUR, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1048" style="">GENERAL POLYMERS - CINCINNATI, OHIO</option>

<option value="1049" style="">GEO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS - CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1050" style="">GEO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS - CENTREVILLE, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="1051" style="">GILL - EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1052" style="">GLASFORMS - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1053" style="">GOOD LOGISTICS LLC - FRANKLIN, OHIO</option>

<option value="1054" style="">GORDON COMPOSITES - MONTROSE, COLORADO</option>

<option value="1055" style="">GOUGEON HOLDING - BAY CITY, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1056" style="">GURIT HOLDING - MAGOG, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1057" style="">GUY CHEMICAL ACCT - SOMERSET, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1058" style="">H B FULLER - AURORA, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1059" style="">H B FULLER - GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1060" style="">H B FULLER - ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1061" style="">H B FULLER - VADNAIS HEIGHTS, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1062" style="">HARBOR FURNITURE MANUFACTURING - ELBERTA, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1063" style="">HAVEN - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="1064" style="">HELM - HAMBURG, HAMBURG</option>

<option value="1065" style="">HELM - PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1510" style="">Helmitin Adhesives - Olive Branch, Mississippi</option>

<option value="1066" style="">HEMPEL  - CONROE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1067" style="">HEMPEL  - O FALLON, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1068" style="">HEMPEL (aka JONES BLAIR) - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1071" style="">HENKEL  - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="1072" style="">HENKEL  - COLUMBUS, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1073" style="">HENKEL  - OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1074" style="">HENKEL  - OLEAN, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1075" style="">HENKEL  - RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1069" style="">HENKEL - BAY POINT, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1070" style="">HENKEL - RICHMOND, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1076" style="">HENTZEN COATINGS - BATAVIA, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1077" style="">HENTZEN COATINGS - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1078" style="">HEXCEL - WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH</option>

<option value="1079" style="">HI TECH FLOORING ACCT - CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1080" style="">HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL - EL PASO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1081" style="">HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL - SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1082" style="">HOOVER &amp; WELLS FLOORING - TOLEDO, OHIO</option>

<option value="1083" style="">HUDCO INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - BESSEMER, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1084" style="">HUNTSMAN - CONROE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1085" style="">HUNTSMAN - EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1086" style="">HUNTSMAN - KANSAS CITY, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1087" style="">HUNTSMAN - MCINTOSH, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1088" style="">HUNTSMAN - MOBILE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1089" style="">HUNTSMAN - THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1090" style="">HYDRITE CHEMICAL - BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1091" style="">HYDRITE CHEMICAL - COTTAGE GROVE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1092" style="">ICC INDUSTRIES ACCT - ARGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1093" style="">ICC INDUSTRIES ACCT - BURKVILLE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1094" style="">ICC INDUSTRIES ACCT - NEW YORK, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1095" style="">ICC INDUSTRIES ACCT - SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1096" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - DALTON, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1097" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1098" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1099" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - LA PORTE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1100" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1101" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - OXFORD, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1102" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1103" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - ROSELAND, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1104" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1105" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS - WARRINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1106" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS (aka PERMATEX) - RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1107" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS (aka PERMATEX) - SOLON, OHIO</option>

<option value="1108" style="">ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS (aka POLYSPEC) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1109" style="">INCHEM - ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1110" style="">INDURON PROTECTIVE COATINGS - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1111" style="">INDUSTRIAL COATINGS - BRAZIL, INDIANA</option>


<option value="1113" style="">INNOVIDA SOUTHEAST LLC - MIAMI, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1114" style="">INSITUFORM TECHNOLOGIES ACCT (aka FYFE) - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1115" style="">INTEGRA US MARKETING LLC - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1116" style="">INTERNATIONAL PAINT LLC - BEREA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1117" style="">INTERPLASTIC - PRYOR, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1118" style="">INTERSTATE CHEMICAL - HERMITAGE, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1119" style="">INTERSTATE CHEMICAL - MONACA, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1120" style="">INTERWEST TRANSPORTATION - SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH</option>

<option value="1121" style="">IOSCO TRUCKING - WILSONVILLE, OREGON</option>

<option value="1122" style="">ISOLA SARL - CHANDLER, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1123" style="">ISOLA SARL - DUNCAN, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1124" style="">ISOLA SARL - ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1125" style="">ISOLA SARL - LA MIRADA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1126" style="">ISOLA SARL - RIDGEWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1127" style="">ISOLA USA - CHANDLER, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1128" style="">ISOLA USA - RIDGEWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1129" style="">ISRAEL CHEMICALS LTD - GALLIPOLIS FERRY, WEST VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1130" style="">ITW POLYMERS ADHESIVES NORTH A - DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1131" style="">IVC INDUSTRIAL COATINGS - BRAZIL, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1132" style="">IVC INDUSTRIAL COATINGS - GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1133" style="">IVC INDUSTRIAL COATINGS - GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1134" style="">JACOBSON WAREHOUSE - LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1135" style="">JAMESTOWN PAINT &amp; VARNISH - JAMESTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1511" style="">Jimmy Test - CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE</option>

<option selected="selected" value="1512" style="">Jimmy&#39;s Customer - CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1136" style="">JLM INDUSTRIES - BLUE ISLAND, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1137" style="">JONES BLAIR - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1138" style="">JONES BLAIR PAINT - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1139" style="">JONS LLC - WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON</option>

<option value="1140" style="">JOTUN A/S NORWAY - BELLE CHASSE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1141" style="">K2 - SEATTLE, WASHINGTON</option>

<option value="1142" style="">KANEKA - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1143" style="">KARDOL QUALITY PRODUCTS - BYRDSTOWN, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1144" style="">KAUFMAN PRODUCTS - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="1145" style="">KEMIRA - ATLANTA, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1146" style="">KEMIRA - COLUMBUS, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1147" style="">KEMIRA - SCHATULGA, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1148" style="">KEWAUNEE SCIENTIFIC - STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1149" style="">KEY POLYMER - LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1150" style="">KEY RESINS - BATAVIA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1151" style="">KEY RESINS - PHOENIX, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1152" style="">KNOX FERTILIZER COMPANY INC - KNOX, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1153" style="">KOCH INDUSTRIES - CROSSETT, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1154" style="">KOCH INDUSTRIES - ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1155" style="">KOCH INDUSTRIES - EUGENE, OREGON</option>

<option value="1156" style="">KOLMAR GROUP - BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT</option>

<option value="1157" style="">KRAFT CHEMICAL ACCT - MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1158" style="">KRUSE - PICKERING, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1159" style="">L &amp; L PRODUCTS - ROMEO, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1160" style="">LANNING CHEMICAL - LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1161" style="">LASHLY SUPPLY - SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1162" style="">LATICRETE INTERNATIONAL - BETHANY, CONNECTICUT</option>

<option value="1163" style="">LEEPOXY PLASTICS - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1164" style="">LIFELAST - VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON</option>

<option value="1165" style="">LIGHTSAIL ENERGY ACCT - BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1166" style="">LINDEN WAREHOUSE &amp; DISTRIBUTIO - EDISON, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1167" style="">LONZA GROUP - ALLENDALE, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1168" style="">LORD - INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1169" style="">MACLEAN POWER - YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1170" style="">MAGNI INDUSTRIES - INDEPENDENCE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1171" style="">MAGNOLIA PLASTICS - CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1173" style="">MAPEI  - GARLAND, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1172" style="">MAPEI - BRAMPTON, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1174" style="">MARCHEM SOLVAY - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1175" style="">MARUBENI CORP - EAGLE PASS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1176" style="">MARUBENI CORP - LEMONT, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1177" style="">MARUBENI CORP - NORTH BAY, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1178" style="">MARUBENI CORP - TAMPA, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1179" style="">MARUBENI CORP - TEXAS CITY, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1180" style="">MARUBENI CORP - TOLEDO, OHIO</option>

<option value="1181" style="">MAS EPOXIES - CINNAMINSON, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1182" style="">MCGEAN-ROHCO - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="1183" style="">MCP URETHANES - PITTSBURG, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1184" style="">MEADOWS W R - POMONA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1185" style="">METAL COATINGS INTERNATIONAL - CHARDON, OHIO</option>

<option value="1186" style="">MGI INTERNATIONAL (aka IGM RESINS) - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1187" style="">MICHELMAN - CINCINNATI, OHIO</option>

<option value="1188" style="">MICOR - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1189" style="">MIDWEST INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="1190" style="">MIDWEST WAREHOUSE - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1191" style="">MIDWEST WAREHOUSE &amp; DISTRIBUTI - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1192" style="">MILAMAR COATINGS LLC - OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1193" style="">MILLIKEN - SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1194" style="">MILLPORT - MIRAMAR - MIRAMAR, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1195" style="">MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL (aka LUCITE) - CORDOVA, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1196" style="">MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL (aka LUCITE) - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1197" style="">MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL PERFORMANC - BELLEVUE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1198" style="">MITSUBISHI CORP - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1199" style="">MITSUI &amp; CO - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1200" style="">MITSUI &amp; CO - SAINT CHARLES, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1201" style="">MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING - THEODORE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1202" style="">MOMENTIVE  - BAYTOWN, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1203" style="">MOMENTIVE  - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1204" style="">MOMENTIVE  - COLUMBUS, OHIO</option>

<option value="1205" style="">MOMENTIVE  - DEER PARK, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1206" style="">MOMENTIVE  - FRIENDLY, WEST VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1207" style="">MOMENTIVE  - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1208" style="">MOMENTIVE  - LAKELAND, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1209" style="">MONTREAL CHEMICAL LOGISTICS - LASALLE, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1210" style="">MONUMENT CHEMICALS (aka HALTERMAN) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>


<option value="1212" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - BURKBURNETT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1213" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1214" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1215" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1216" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1217" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBER GLASS SYSTEMS) - WICHITA, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1218" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBERSPAR) - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1219" style="">NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO (aka FIBERSPAR) - JOHNSTOWN, COLORADO</option>

<option value="1220" style="">NATIONAL POLYMER - CHARLEROI, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1221" style="">NEW NAUTICAL COATINGS - CLEARWATER, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1222" style="">NEXEO SOLUTIONS - WEST UPTON, MASSACHUSETTS</option>


<option value="1224" style="">OWENSBORO SPECIALTY POLYMERS - OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1225" style="">OXYDE CHEMICALS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1226" style="">PACHEM DISTRIBUTION - LAVAL, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1227" style="">PAINTS ALLIED PRODUCTS - GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1228" style="">PARK AEROSPACE PRODUCTS - NEWTON, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1229" style="">PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL - NEWTON, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1230" style="">PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL (aka NELCO PRDTS) - ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1231" style="">PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL (aka NELCO PRDTS) - FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1232" style="">PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL (aka NELCO PRDTS) - TEMPE, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1233" style="">PCCR USA - CARPENTERSVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1234" style="">PENN VALLEY PAINT - LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1235" style="">PENTAIR - CHARDON, OHIO</option>

<option value="1236" style="">PENTAIR - PHARR, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1237" style="">PHOENIX EPOXY SYSTEMS LLC - HOOKERTON, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1238" style="">PICCO COATINGS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1239" style="">PICCO COATINGS - WALLER, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1240" style="">PILGRIM PERMACOAT - TAMPA, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1241" style="">PINAFORE HOLDINGS BV - GRAPEVINE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1242" style="">PLASCO TOOLING ENGINEERING - ROMEO, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1243" style="">PLASTICOLORS - ASHTABULA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1244" style="">PLAZA - BAYPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1245" style="">PLAZA - CLEBURNE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1246" style="">PLAZA - DEER PARK, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1247" style="">PLAZA - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1248" style="">PLAZA - KANSAS CITY, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1249" style="">PLAZA - PORT LAVACA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1250" style="">PLAZA - WHEELING, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1251" style="">POLYCHEMIE (ala SPCM) - PEARL RIVER, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1252" style="">POLYCHEMIE (ala SPCM) - PEARLINGTON, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="1253" style="">POLYCHEMIE (ala SPCM) - RICEBORO, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1254" style="">POLYGEM (aka JJC EPOXY) - WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1255" style="">POLYGON - WALKERTON, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1256" style="">POLYGUARD PRODUCTS - ENNIS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1257" style="">POLYMERICA - LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1258" style="">POLYNT (aka PCCR) - CARPENTERSVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1259" style="">POLYSTAR LLC - DALTON, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1260" style="">POLYSTAR LLC - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1261" style="">POLYSTAR LLC - PHELPS, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1262" style="">PONDEROSA PAINT - FRESNO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1263" style="">POWDER TECHNOLOGY - SCHOFIELD, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1264" style="">POWER INTERNATIONAL L L C CORP - DOVER, DELAWARE</option>

<option value="1265" style="">PPG AEROSPACE DEFT - IRVINE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1266" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - ADRIAN, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1267" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - ALEXANDER, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1268" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - ARVADA, COLORADO</option>

<option value="1269" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - CHESTER, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1270" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1271" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - DELAWARE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1272" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - LAREDO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1273" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1274" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - LIMA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1275" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1276" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1277" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - PASADENA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1278" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1279" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1280" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - SPRINGDALE, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1281" style="">PPG INDUSTRIES INC - STRONGSVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1282" style="">PRC DESOTO INTERNATIONAL - IRVINE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1283" style="">PROCTER &amp; GAMBLE - CINCINNATI, OHIO</option>

<option value="1284" style="">PROCTER &amp; GAMBLE - KANSAS CITY, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1285" style="">PRODUCTION PARTNERS CHEMICAL - CORONA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1286" style="">PROTECH CHEMICALS - MONTREAL, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1287" style="">PROTECH CHEMICALS - ST-LAURENT, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1288" style="">PROTECH CHIMIE - ST-LAURENT, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1289" style="">PROTECH POWDER COATINGS - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="1290" style="">PROTECH POWDER COATINGS - FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1291" style="">PROTECH POWDER COATINGS - YORK, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1292" style="">PROTECTIVE FLOORINGS &amp; LININGS - DE PERE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1293" style="">PROTECTIVE INDUSTRIAL POLYMERS - N RIDGEVILLE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1294" style="">QUADEX - NORTH LITTLE ROCK - FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1295" style="">QUADEX - NORTH LITTLE ROCK - JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="1296" style="">QUADEX - NORTH LITTLE ROCK - NEWNAN, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1297" style="">QUADEX - NORTH LITTLE ROCK - NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS</option>

<option value="1298" style="">QUADRANT CHEMICAL - MCKINNEY, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1299" style="">QUANTUM COMPOSITES - BAY CITY, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1300" style="">QUIKRETE COMPANIES - GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1301" style="">RADIAC ABRASIVES - SALEM, ILLINOIS</option>


<option value="1303" style="">RANBAR ELECTRICAL MATERIALS - MANOR, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1304" style="">RAVEN - BROKEN ARROW - BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1305" style="">REED CA &amp; ASSOCIATES - CANANDAIGUA, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1306" style="">REICHHOLD INDUSTRY - DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1307" style="">REICHHOLD INDUSTRY - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1308" style="">REICHHOLD INDUSTRY - PENSACOLA, FLORIDA</option>


<option value="1310" style="">REICHHOLD INDUSTRY - SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1311" style="">REICHHOLD INDUSTRY - VALLEY PARK, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1312" style="">RESEARCH ABRASIVE PRODUCTS - WICKLIFFE, OHIO</option>

<option value="1313" style="">RESIN - STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1314" style="">RESINALL - HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI</option>

<option value="1315" style="">RESINALL - SEVERN, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1316" style="">RHINO LININGS - SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1317" style="">ROBBY PRODUCTS - COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1318" style="">RODEO DART - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1319" style="">ROYAL ADHESIVES &amp; SEALANTS LLC - SOUTH BEND, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1320" style="">ROYAL COATINGS - BELLE CHASSE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1321" style="">RPM (aka CARBOLINE) - GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1322" style="">RPM (aka CARBOLINE) - KIRKLAND, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1323" style="">RPM (aka CARBOLINE) - LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1324" style="">RPM (aka RUST OLEUM) - AKRON, OHIO</option>

<option value="1325" style="">RPM (aka RUST OLEUM) - MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1326" style="">RPM (aka RUST OLEUM) - PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1327" style="">RPM (aka RUST OLEUM) - TULSA, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1328" style="">RPM (aka STONCOR) - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1329" style="">RPM (aka STONCOR) - MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1330" style="">RPM (aka STONCOR) - PAULSBORO, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1331" style="">RPM (aka STONCOR) - RESERVE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1332" style="">RPM (aka STONCOR) - RICHMOND, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1333" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1334" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - BUDA, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1335" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - CARY, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1336" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1337" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - DETROIT, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1338" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - EDMONTON, ALBERTA</option>

<option value="1339" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1340" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1341" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - LAREDO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1342" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA</option>

<option value="1343" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - LAVAL, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1344" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1345" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1346" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - PHARR, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1347" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - PHOENIX, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1348" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1349" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1350" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN</option>

<option value="1351" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - ROBERTA, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1352" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - ROCHESTER, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1353" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1354" style="">RS LINING SYSTEMS - TULSA, OKLAHOMA</option>

<option value="1355" style="">SAINT GOBAIN - ALBION, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1356" style="">SAINT GOBAIN - NORTHBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1357" style="">SAINT GOBAIN - RAVENNA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1358" style="">SAINT GOBAIN - WATERVLIET, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1359" style="">SAINT GOBAIN - WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1360" style="">SAMSUNG C&amp;T CORPORATION - RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1361" style="">SASOL LIMITED - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1362" style="">SAUDI BASIC INDUSTRIES - BURKVILLE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1363" style="">SAUEREISEN CEMENT - PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA</option>


<option value="1365" style="">SHAWCOR - ELGIN, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1366" style="">SHAWCOR - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1367" style="">SHELL  - DEER PARK, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1368" style="">SHELL  - FREEPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1369" style="">SHELL  - GREEN LAKE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1370" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ANDOVER, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1371" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ARLINGTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1372" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - CINCINNATI, OHIO</option>

<option value="1373" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - CLEVELAND, OHIO</option>

<option value="1374" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ENNIS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1375" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - GARLAND, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1376" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - GRIMSBY, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1377" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - GROVE CITY, OHIO</option>

<option value="1378" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - HOLLAND, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1379" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1380" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - RICHMOND, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1381" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1382" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1383" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1384" style="">SHERWIN WILLIAMS - VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1385" style="">SHIN ETSU CHEM - FREEPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1386" style="">SI GROUP - FREEPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1387" style="">SI GROUP - SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1388" style="">SIEMENS - FORT MADISON, IOWA</option>

<option value="1389" style="">SIGMA ALDRICH - SHEBOYGAN FALLS, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1390" style="">SIKA - BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1391" style="">SIKA - BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1392" style="">SIKA - DENHAM SPRINGS, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1393" style="">SIKA - FREEPORT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1394" style="">SIKA - GRANDVIEW, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1395" style="">SIKA - INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1396" style="">SIKA - LYNDHURST, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1397" style="">SIKA - MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1398" style="">SIKA - MARION, OHIO</option>

<option value="1399" style="">SIKA - POINTE-CLAIRE, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1400" style="">SIKA CANADA - BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1401" style="">SIMPSON STRONG TIE - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="1402" style="">SK SPICE HOLDINGS SARL CORP AC (aka ARCHROMA) - MARTIN, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1403" style="">SKW QUAB CHEMICALS - ASHTABULA, OHIO</option>

<option value="1404" style="">SKW QUAB CHEMICALS - SADDLE BROOK, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1405" style="">SKW QUAB CHEMICALS - THEODORE, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1406" style="">SMOOTH-ON - EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1407" style="">SOLENIS INTERNATIONAL - CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1408" style="">SOLENIS INTERNATIONAL - MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1409" style="">SOLENIS INTERNATIONAL - PORTLAND, OREGON</option>

<option value="1410" style="">SOLENIS INTERNATIONAL - SAVANNAH, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1411" style="">SOLEPOXY - OLEAN, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1412" style="">SOLVAY (aka CHEMLOGICS) - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1413" style="">SOLVAY (aka MARCHEM) - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1414" style="">SOLVAY (aka SKW QUAB CHEMICALS) - BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1415" style="">SOLVAY (aka SKW QUAB CHEMICALS) - CRANBURY, NEW JERSEY</option>

<option value="1416" style="">SOLVAY (aka SKW QUAB CHEMICALS) - UNIVERSITY PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1417" style="">SOLVAY (aka SKW QUAB CHEMICALS) - WINDER, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1418" style="">SOLVCHEM - CLEBURNE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1419" style="">SOLVCHEM - PEARLAND, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1420" style="">SOMAY PRODUCTS - MIAMI, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1421" style="">SPCM S A (aka FLOMIN) - BAYTOWN, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1422" style="">STAR TECHNOLOGY - WATERLOO, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1423" style="">STARCHEM LLC - WELLFORD, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1424" style="">STRATHMORE PRODUCTS - LONGVIEW, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1425" style="">STRATHMORE PRODUCTS ACCT - LONGVIEW, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1426" style="">STRUCTURE PROBE ACCT - WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1427" style="">SUN COATINGS - TAMPA, FLORIDA</option>

<option value="1428" style="">SUNSTAR ENGINEERING AMERICAS - FRANKLIN, OHIO</option>

<option value="1429" style="">SUZLON BLADE TECHNOLOGY B V - MONTREAL, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1430" style="">SUZLON ENERGY - PIPESTONE, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1431" style="">SUZLON ENERGY - WICHITA, KANSAS</option>

<option value="1432" style="">SWARCO AMERICA (aka COLORADO PAINT) - DENVER, COLORADO</option>

<option value="1433" style="">SWARCO AMERICA (aka COLORADO PAINT) - MCKINNEY, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1434" style="">TARR LLC - PHOENIX, ARIZONA</option>

<option value="1435" style="">TCI POWDER COATINGS - ELLAVILLE, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1436" style="">TCR COMPOSITES - OGDEN, UTAH</option>

<option value="1437" style="">TECSIS TECNOLOGIA AVANCADOS LT - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1438" style="">TERMINAL WAREHOUSE - AKRON, OHIO</option>

<option value="1439" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - ALSIP, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1440" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - BENSENVILLE, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1441" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1442" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - VERNON, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1443" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1444" style="">TERRAZZO &amp; MARBLE SUPPLY IL - WHEELING, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1445" style="">TEXAS CARTAGE - DALLAS, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1446" style="">THE BERGQUIST COMPANY - PRESCOTT, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1447" style="">THERMOCLAD A DIVISION PROTECH - ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1448" style="">TICONA POLYMERS DOCK 42 43 44 - FLORENCE, KENTUCKY</option>

<option value="1449" style="">TIGER COATINGS (aka MIDWEST POWDER COATING) - SAINT CHARLES, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1450" style="">TIGER COATINGS (aka TIGER DRYLAC) - GUELPH, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1451" style="">TIGER COATINGS (aka TIGER DRYLAC) - ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1452" style="">TNEMEC - BALTIMORE, MARYLAND</option>

<option value="1453" style="">TNEMEC - BOISBRIAND, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1454" style="">TNEMEC - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1455" style="">TNEMEC - N KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1456" style="">TOTAL GROUP (aka CRAY VALLEY) - BEAUMONT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1457" style="">TOTAL GROUP (aka CRAY VALLEY) - CHATHAM, VIRGINIA</option>

<option value="1458" style="">TOTAL GROUP (aka CRAY VALLEY) - EXTON, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1459" style="">TOTAL GROUP (aka REFININ) - BEAUMONT, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1460" style="">TOTAL WALL INC - RIO, WISCONSIN</option>

<option value="1461" style="">TPI COMPOSITES  - FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1462" style="">TPI COMPOSITES  - NEWTON, IOWA</option>

<option value="1463" style="">TPI COMPOSITES  - SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1464" style="">TPI COMPOSITES  - WARREN, RHODE ISLAND</option>

<option value="1465" style="">TRELLEBORG - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1466" style="">TRENCH GROUP - SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1467" style="">TRI CLOR - HASTINGS, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1468" style="">TRI TEXCO - ST-EUSTACHE, QUEBEC</option>

<option value="1469" style="">TRICON INTERNATIONAL - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1470" style="">ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS - CARROLLTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1471" style="">UNISEAL - EVANSVILLE, INDIANA</option>

<option value="1472" style="">UNITED RESIN - ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN</option>

<option value="1473" style="">UNITEX CHEMICAL - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1474" style="">UV TECHNOLOGY - HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1490" style="">VALSPAR  - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1491" style="">VALSPAR  - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1475" style="">VALSPAR - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1476" style="">VALSPAR - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA</option>

<option value="1477" style="">VALSPAR - CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA</option>

<option value="1478" style="">VALSPAR - CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1479" style="">VALSPAR - CORNWALL, ONTARIO</option>

<option value="1480" style="">VALSPAR - COVINGTON, GEORGIA</option>

<option value="1481" style="">VALSPAR - GARLAND, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1482" style="">VALSPAR - GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1483" style="">VALSPAR - HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1484" style="">VALSPAR - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1485" style="">VALSPAR - MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1486" style="">VALSPAR - N KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1487" style="">VALSPAR - PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1488" style="">VALSPAR - ROCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1489" style="">VALSPAR - ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1492" style="">VALTECH - POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1493" style="">VENTURES LLC - RICHMOND, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1494" style="">VINMAR INTERNATIONAL - HOUSTON, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1495" style="">VOGEL CUSTOM MANUFACTURING - MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA</option>

<option value="1496" style="">VOLUNTEER ADHESIVES - LAFAYETTE, TENNESSEE</option>

<option value="1497" style="">VON ROLL USA INC - SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK</option>

<option value="1498" style="">WACKER CHEMIE - PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1499" style="">WACO FIBERGLASS - WACO, TEXAS</option>

<option value="1500" style="">WARREN ENVIRONMENTAL - MIDDLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1501" style="">WATSON INDUSTRIES - HARWICK, PENNSYLVANIA</option>

<option value="1502" style="">WESTERN OIL &amp; SPREADING - ACAMPO, CALIFORNIA</option>

<option value="1503" style="">WESTOVER BUILDING SUPPLY - CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS</option>

<option value="1504" style="">WEYLCHEM FRANKFURT - ELGIN, SOUTH CAROLINA</option>

<option value="1505" style="">WILLAMETTE VALLEY - EUGENE, OREGON</option>

<option value="1506" style="">WILLAMETTE VALLEY - PINEVILLE, LOUISIANA</option>

<option value="1507" style="">WILLIAMS HAYWARD (aka PROTECTIVE CO) - BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS</option>

<option value="1508" style="">ZEA - KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI</option>

<option value="1509" style="">ZEON - HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI</option>




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  • Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov
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    #1 by Dmitry Kozlov Aug 3 ’16 at 08:42

    Forms Designer's JS-framework does not support custom fields. So, try the following code:

    fd.field('Customer').control()._el().find('select option:selected').text()
  • Jimmy Daresta
    Jimmy Daresta
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    #2 by Jimmy Daresta Aug 3 ’16 at 08:45

    That worked. I also tried $("select[title='Customer']").find("option:selected").text() which also worked. Thanks!

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