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Posted by jpwallace - Mar 8 ’17 at 04:43

Hi guys,

I am using the following bit of JS to hide a departure field when the flight box is unchecked and would like to show it when it is checked. Currently i cannot get this working, any ideas where i have gone wrong?

function setDeparture
if (fd.field('flight').value() == ('1') {
} else {

  • jpwallace
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    #1 by jpwallace Mar 8 ’17 at 05:10

    got it working, how would i add multiple fields to hide?

  • skiersarcastic
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    #2 by skiersarcastic Dec 28 ’20 at 10:53

    Im using this code, but when i add new item in quick edit related item mode and perform FOR in javascript this count one more item per added row and the and the result of sum is wrong, do you know what this problem is?

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