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Posted by Sonoma - Apr 29 ’16 at 07:47

Is there away to force the diplay page to show all fields as if it were the Edit page?

I know I can create a custom form and set the ControlMode to Edit mode if I need to.

I would just redirect the user to the Edit page and lock all fields but in our case we use tabs for the Edit page and no tabs on the Dispay page. This allows the user to QA it on one page. In Display mode they miss items because they see the field label and blank results or the bales resize out of wack.

Any thoughts. Can I just add soome JQuery to the Display page to force ControlMode = "Edit" Without having to use SP Designer? Can I only make certain fields in edit mode?



  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Apr 29 ’16 at 09:59

    Not sure I got you completely, but why cannot you:

    -just create a separate form for this, setting some fields as readonly and some as edit as appropriate and redirect users to this form


    -utilize the edit form and disable controls via fd.field(..).readonly(true) as appropriate

    But you cannot make a display form an edit form via jQuery, the readonly-ness of the form and its controls in this case is a back-end thing.

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