Collapse Appended Text for Multiple Line text field


Posted by webset - Nov 21 ’15 at 01:05

We have a MultipleLine textfield in which we set the "Append Changes to Existing Text" option to "Yes."

It works great, but there are many appended Comments and so the form ist very long and not so useful.

Is there a way to collapse each comment in the Form?

  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Nov 23 ’15 at 08:20

    I've made the assumption you're asking about the enhanced rich text multiline textbox. You can use an accordion for this. Add this code to the JS editor of your form:

    fd.field('multiline').control()._el().find("> div").attr('class', 'comments-collapsible').find(" > div[class^='ExternalClass']").each(function(){
    	var html = "<h3>" + $(this).text().substring(0,60) +"</h3>";
      collapsible: true,
      active: false


    And replace 'multiline' in fd.field('multiline') with the internal name of your multiline field.


    This should produce something looking like this:


    More information on the accordion control, how you can customize it:

  • KeiraRowley
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    #2 by KeiraRowley Apr 1 ’21 at 08:19

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