Cannot move Attach Files to the bottom and hide Spelling...


Posted by Noor Shahida Mohd Said - Apr 20 ’16 at 08:32



I want to move Attach Files to the bottom of the form. I've put it during form design but after save, the attachment did not appear. So I need to enable the attachment at the top. When I doing that, the Spelling... also appear which my users don't like to see it.


My question are:

[1] How to put the Attach Files to be seen by users at the bottom of form? For example is below Reason column.

[2] If attachment can be see at bottom, I think I can disable back from the setting, so the Spelling... will be disappear too. But if the Attach Files cannot be put at other place, how am I need to do to hide this Spelling... thing?

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    #1 by Noor Shahida Mohd Said Apr 21 ’16 at 12:23

    Found solution from previous thread.


    Thank you.


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