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Posted by stieland - Jun 14 ’13 at 02:39

I have modified a couple of forms using Forms Designer in SharePoint 2013.  Very basic with no javascript and only css is to hide the ribbon.  I have set the forms to appear in dialogs.

Everything works fine when I click save, but if I click cancel, I always get two errors.  Display form does not have an error when I click Close, just new and edit forms.

Generic error of

'Sys' is undefined

Here is the detail that I see in the debugger.


Type.registerNamespace('Sys');Sys.Res={"argumentInteger":"Value must be an integer.","invokeCalledTwice":"Cannot call invoke more than once.","webServiceFailed":"The server method \u0027{0}\u0027 failed with the following error: {1}","argumentType":"Object cannot be converted to the required type.","argumentNull":"Value cannot be null.","scriptAlreadyLoaded":"The script \u0027{0}\u0027 has been referenced multiple times. If referencing Microsoft AJAX scripts explicitly, set the MicrosoftAjaxMode property of the ScriptManager to Explicit.","scriptDependencyNotFound":"The script \u0027{0}\u0027 failed to load because it is dependent on script \u0027{1}\u0027.","formatBadFormatSpecifier":"Format specifier was invalid.","requiredScriptReferenceNotIncluded":"\u0027{0}\u0027 requires that you have included a script reference to \u0027{1}\u0027.","webServiceFailedNoMsg":"The server method \u0027{0}\u0027 failed.","argumentDomElement":"Value must be a DOM element.","invalidExecutorType":"Could not create a valid Sys.Net.WebRequestExecutor from: {0}.","cannotCallBeforeResponse":"Cannot call {0} when responseAvailable is false.","actualValue":"Actual value was {0}.","enumInvalidValue":"\u0027{0}\u0027 is not a valid value for enum {1}.","scriptLoadFailed":"The script \u0027{0}\u0027 could not be loaded.","parameterCount":"Parameter count mismatch.","cannotDeserializeEmptyString":"Cannot deserialize empty string.","formatInvalidString":"Input string was not in a correct format.","invalidTimeout":"Value must be greater than or equal to zero.","cannotAbortBeforeStart":"Cannot abort when executor has not started.","argument":"Value does not fall within the expected range.","cannotDeserializeInvalidJson":"Cannot deserialize. The data does not correspond to valid JSON.","invalidHttpVerb":"httpVerb cannot be set to an empty or null string.","nullWebRequest":"Cannot call executeRequest with a null webRequest.","eventHandlerInvalid":"Handler was not added through the Sys.UI.DomEvent.addHandler method.","cannotSerializeNonFiniteNumbers":"Cannot serialize non finite numbers.","argumentUndefined":"Value cannot be undefined.","webServiceInvalidReturnType":"The server method \u0027{0}\u0027 returned an invalid type. Expected type: {1}","servicePathNotSet":"The path to the web service has not been set.","argumentTypeWithTypes":"Object of type \u0027{0}\u0027 cannot be converted to type \u0027{1}\u0027.","cannotCallOnceStarted":"Cannot call {0} once started.","badBaseUrl1":"Base URL does not contain ://.","badBaseUrl2":"Base URL does not contain another /.","badBaseUrl3":"Cannot find last / in base URL.","setExecutorAfterActive":"Cannot set executor after it has become active.","paramName":"Parameter name: {0}","nullReferenceInPath":"Null reference while evaluating data path: \u0027{0}\u0027.","cannotCallOutsideHandler":"Cannot call {0} outside of a completed event handler.","cannotSerializeObjectWithCycle":"Cannot serialize object with cyclic reference within child properties.","format":"One of the identified items was in an invalid format.","assertFailedCaller":"Assertion Failed: {0}\r\nat {1}","argumentOutOfRange":"Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.","webServiceTimedOut":"The server method \u0027{0}\u0027 timed out.","notImplemented":"The method or operation is not implemented.","assertFailed":"Assertion Failed: {0}","invalidOperation":"Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.","breakIntoDebugger":"{0}\r\n\r\nBreak into debugger?"};

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