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Posted by RMIC - Feb 18 ’16 at 03:47



I use the search SharePoint. After I click on a result, I'm on a display form (display form 1).

Now I must click on a link to get to another display form (display form 2).


How can I, when I am on the display form 1, immediately jump to the display form 2?

I mean an automatic forwarding, without me having to click on the link.


Thank you so much!

  • rostislav
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    #1 by rostislav Feb 18 ’16 at 06:03

    If the two display forms are within the same list, you can use:


    Where "fd_Item_DisplayForm2.aspx" is the filename of the target display form (can be checked in Forms Designer in the bottom left corner.)

    Otherwise, use the url from the link and direct the browser to it:

    var url = "https://domain/Lists/alist/fd_Item_DisplayForm.aspx?ID=1"
    window.location.href = url;
  • RMIC
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    #2 by RMIC Feb 18 ’16 at 07:01

    [#1]: Oh, that's easy.



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